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Lisa's the Sound of music page

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Christopher Plummer
Julie Andrews
Charmian Carr
Nicholas Hammond
Heather Menzies
Duane Chase
Angela Cartwright
Debbie Turner
the cast
Name that tune game

Hi everyone this is my " The Von Trapp family singers" page Its not done yet because I have just started on it but I am working on it . I want to thank Elisabeth , who let me use her pictures and if you want to go to her page it will be on the link page which should come in a couple of days! please do my poll

Who is your favorite character in The Sound of music?

Fraulein Maria
The Captain
Baroness Schreider


HEY CHECK IT ALL OUT THE OPTIONS ARE ALL ABOVE! check out the lyric page! This page is not quite done yet but you can sign the " Family Von Trapp book" which is the guestbook chats and message boards will be here soon too! IF you have any questions or information then e-mail me. If you want to join the update newsletter then e-mail me and I will send you one once a week . Sometimes it will be once a month though. I will update this soon later . Liesl trapp will write more too! LOL! So are you ready to search the Trapp family. Then click on any site that you like! And don't forget to sign the guestbook!!!!! In 1964 seven young actors were cast in roles that would become a part of history. "The Sound of Music" directed by Robert Wise and starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer was released in 1965 and remained in first-run release for nearly five years. It captured five Oscars, including those for Best Picture and Best Director and surpassed the seemingly unbreakable box-office record of "Gone With the Wind." The roles of the Von Trapp Children were so loved by the audience of "The Sound of Music" that they are still recognized today, almost 35 years later. Look below for information on their careers and what they are doing today... Sign my Som guestbook and tell me what you think! Only nice things please click on the bike picture to sign and view the guestbook. If you want to e-mail me click CYA ! and have fun