Hiro is on TV

    I was on a TV Interview in U.S. on 04/10/2001 and TV show in Japan as one of the competiter for TV Juried Exhibition. The name of the show is "Takeshi's Dare-demo Picaso". It was on the air on July, 17/1998 and August, 28/1998. You can click small image to see the video.If the computer asks you, choose "Save" instead of "Open"パソコンがダウンロードしたファイルをOpenする際、保存を選んでください。

Arizona Illustrated 04/2001 Arizona Illustrated 2

Takeshi's 08/98

Hiro with Takeshi Kitano                                                  Kids Nowadays on TV (7/17/'98)
Hiro with "Wanna Be Skinny, But Can't Stop Eating."            (8/28/'98)
Hiro with Takeshi & Marina Watanabe                                            Ko-gal & Marina Watanabe  

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