Story with David Bowie

It was  May 23,1995 in Soho, NYC. I was having my solo show at the Cast Iron Gallery. Mr. David Bowie and his friend came in the gallery. I didn't notice when he came in, but my friend said "he looked like David Bowie". I didn't believe, so I did not turn around. Later my gallery's director introduced me to him and he said "Hi, I'm David". You know how surprising it was! He liked two of my piece and purchased them on the spot. We talked more than a half hour in the gallery. Since then I kept in touch with him. In the spring of '98, he called me up in my studio in Philadelphia and asked if I was interested in putting my work as a featured artist on his web site. I thought it would be a great idea, so I brought slide and my resume on a disk to his music studio in Manhattan. The web site has updated and changed, so you can't see it now, but this was what it was like.

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