Artist Statemnt

Traditionally there were not many self-portraits of artists in Japan. This was caused by the social situation in our culture. In the West individualism has been appreciated, but in our country it is not appreciated and, in fact, it is discouraged. Working in the West has allowed me to make my self-portrait. Making a self-portrait is like an exploration of the inner self. When I make my self-portrait I look at myself in a "mirror". I see not only my image, but also my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas.

I understand sculpture/ceramics as a visual language and by using it, I can communicate without words. I want to be an artist who can communicate and make work that is accessible to the people who see it. I work with material to convey to the viewer my thoughts, feelings and love for the material. I believe that art is a metaphor and therefore is valuable for communication. In my work the metaphor is developed out of the relationship between myself, Japanese culture and the "other".  

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