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Pump Up The Volume

Mark and Nora

Mark and Nora

Mark Hunter and Nora DeNiro, played by Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis. In the movie PUMP UP THE VOLUME, Mark Hunter has just moved to Arizona from the east coast, at Hubert Humfrey High School he is shy, smart, and unpopular student, who is a talented writter. Once it hits 10 o'clock, he's Happy Harry Hard On, a hard talking, sarcastic, and popular DJ. He has gained the respect of the students at HHH and they send him letters and listen for his show every night. He does have one favored listener who has recieved the name, Eat Me Beat Me Lady, for letters she writes to him, which he reads over the radio. Mark, being the son of a school commissioner, has access to records and letters written about the school and the students. He has a copy of all the phone numbers of the teachers at HHH. He makes it his quest to see what's hidden by the Principal of HHH.

Samatha Mathis and Chrisian Slater star in the movie.
Nora reveals Mark by taking notes from his show, she gathers hints like: He eats lunch in stairs, sits alone reading a book, and chews Black Jack gum. She first meets Mark Hunter in the library when he returns a book entitled "How to talk dirty and influence people, by Lenny Bruce" with a late charge of .25 cents. She goes searching for people sitting on the stairs and she finds Mark sitting reading a book. She appouches him saying,Got a stick of gum?, Black Jack?" then asks, "Are you really as horny as a ten-peckered owl?" She then introdduces herself, Mark, being the shy guy that he truely is, gives his name and is frightened off. Nora continues her investigation, she follows Mark to a Post Office, Mark comes out reading her letter, she appears from behind, and reveals herself as the Eat me beat me lady.
Mark is on the run from the FCC, he asks Nora's help him finish what he's started, he has converted his moms jeep into a mobile Radio Station, Nora drives as Mark reveals the principals secret to having a school with the highest test scores in he state. Mark and Nora get trapped and have no choice but to drive down the hill and into the crowd of students revealing his indenity. "Talk Hard"
as Nora DeNiro, she plays the role of the Eat me beat me lady over Happy Harry Hard On's Private Radio show. She writes her intense letter's "always on the same red paper, in black same black hand writting"


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