The Geezer Pleezer Cali Rally

"The Geezer Pleezer Cali Rally"

Boogie of Slim, Jr.

Rick Smith of Slim, Jr.

Anna Bannana's was the scene of "The Geezer Pleezer Cali Rally" on Sunday night March 30, 2003. Blues band Slim, Jr. (a mutation of Rick Smith's Slim Mango ;-), punk rockers Dork, Surf Rockers Tiki Taboo and finally the "Classic Rock" of the Piranha Brothers provided hours of great entertainment. The event was a benefit for Michael Piranha in an effort to help defray legal expenses incurred during a long, drawn out battle to gain custody of his daughter, Caledonia. It was great to see so many come out in support of one Honolulu's long time entertainment giants and have a great time while doing it.

Cay Miller of Tiki Taboo

Beano Shots of Tiki Taboo

Milan Bertosa of Tiki Taboo

James Ganeko of Tiki Taboo

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