Bla Pahinui / Rick Shea / Blues Mango Band

Mahalo Nui Loa to Kevan Scott and Mudman Productions for making February 15, 2003 a most memorable night at Anna Bannana's, with a far more diverse musical program than one show (for only $20) would normally offer.

Chris Planas

The night began with a short set by Chris Planas, Milan Bertosa and James Ganeko of Honolulu's own Third Degree which included a recent Third Degree original, a jazzy instrumental and even an old Pagan Babies tune ;-)

Milan Bertosa dusted off his accordion for this gig, James Ganeko

Sean Thibideaux

Sean Thibideaux joined the "3 Degrees" to form The Blues Mango Band.

Bla Pahinui

Bla Pahinui is an incredibly soulful singer and outstanding left handed guitarist. He performed an incredible set that included some Hawaiian classics like his adaptation of "Waimanalo Blues" by Liko Martin and Thor Wold as well as songs that reflect his R&B influences like a very cool version of the 1960's Box Tops hit, "The Letter"

Rick Shea

Rick Shea closed the show and demonstrated why he is one of L.A.'s leading songwriters and currently the guitarist in Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men. His set of folk, country, blues and rock was the perfect ending to a marvelous musical journey. If you haven't heard of this guy yet, you gotta check him out. He's got a voice that'll knock you out, he's one helluva guitar player and a great story teller to boot!

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