Shawn Pittman and Killer Instinct

January 25, 2003 was a happening night here in Honolulu. At least three or four other competing events were scheduled around town, unfortunately diluting the number of Blues fans who witnessed Shawn Pittman's Hawaii debut at the Wave Waikiki, but that certainly didn't slow down Shawn and his band Killer Instinct!

This was the most surprising show I've seen since Eric Sardinas was here last year. Shawn Pittman is definitely the "Real Deal". His voice belies his 28 years and his guitar playing is superb. He really "gets it", opting for tone and substance over speed and flash, unlike so many other young guitar slingers. He writes his own songs that sound like long lost classics and covers gems like "Lookin' Good" by Magic Sam! He is being called the "New King In Town" around Austin, Texas and that's no small compliment considering the wealth of talent that has come out of that town!

Honolulu's own Third Degree opened the show and they have never sounded better. Harp player James Ronstadt sat in with Killer Instinct for several songs, much to the delight of the band and the audience.

If you caught one of those other events that night, you can take some solace in the fact that Concerts Hawaii could be persuaded to bring Shawn Pittman back again so you may still get another chance to see and hear what you missed. Please contact the Stoddard's Hale or the Hawaii Blues Society if you would like another opportunity to see Shawn Pittman and Killer Instinct in Honolulu.

To see more of my pictures, check out the Official Shawn Pittman site.

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