The Mental Health Association in Hawaii's 2004 "Beyond the Blues" Festival - Center Stage Ala Moana Shopping Center Saturday October 9, 2004

The "Mental Health Association in Hawaii's "Beyond The Blues" Festival is an annual public awareness event featuring local entertainers and community booths. It has been held at the Ala Moana Shopping Center - "Hawaii's Center" Center Stage for the past four years and won National honors last year ;-).
The Mental Health Association in Hawai'i is a voluntary, non-profit citizen's organization which promotes mental health and the prevention of mental illnesses through education and advocacy and works to improve the care, treatment and participation of individuals with mental illnesses.
Mental Health Association in Hawai'i volunteers work to end the myths and misconceptions about mental illnesses, and to improve mental health services for children and adults in Hawai'i.
Mahalo to everyone for volunteering their time to this very worthy cause!

The lineup for the 2004 "Beyond The Blues" Festival was:
10:00 AM B-Flat - "El Jefe" Adam Kyser (Gtr,Vcls), Andrew Hargrove (Gtr), Jeff Redd (bass), Ian Eichelberger (Drums) plus Special Guest Pablo Warner on guitars

11:00 AM Coconut Joe - Frank Kam (El Gtr, Vcls), Peter Agustin (Bass, Vcls), Paul Perrone (Drums), Barbara Ann Rogers (Vcls) and Bob Rogers (Acc Gtr, Harp, Vcls)

The Blues Punks - Kalani (Bass), Victor (Drums), Mike Rhythm Gtr) and Chris (Lead Gtr) performed a brief 2 song set that proved the blues are in good hands with these fine young lads :-)

12:00 Noon Paradise XS - Joe Hartzmann (Gtr, Vcls), Warren Washington (Bass/Lead Vcls), Mark Sperling, (Drums, Vcls)

1:00 PM Slim, Jr. - Rick Smith (Gtrs, Vcls), Jam Aquino (Gtr), Ed Spurlin (Harp), Stacey Newhouse (Bass), Charlie Palumbo (Drums)

Once again, mahalo to everyone who volunteered their time to this very worthy cause!

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