Status Report: I am sry for my actions, but i wasnt completely wrong. Hemp was right in that this might kill (+), but i was right in saying that exec and whoever else that comes along souldnt be leader. It should only be an old member. So i am disappearing from bnet and aol and icq for a while, i may or may not come back with D2. I wish KHO and (+) good luck at this time of darkness in both clans. And yes hemp, i oculd blame this on u and ur hiipocrical self, but i wont, instead i blame (+) and KHO for not knowing what they want from themselves and each other. Good bye my friends, we may see each other yet day Satus report complete.
CHAOS!~ Status Report: (+)CHAOS!~ here.. I am sorry for the inconvenience on the paage.. it will not happen again. I was very upset also. If this ever happens again i am sure to take action and stop the problem.. CHAOS!~ Status report complete.

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To Join why the royal(+)knights? u some sot of imbisul?

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2 Years Of Brilliance sux ass dont look at his page!

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In other (+) News

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