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René In New Zealand's Homepage

Please be Patient whilst I work on these Pages

Greetings and Salutations
Welcome to this my First attempt at my own pages.
Some of you may know me as editor of the
Head Injury Society of New Zealand Web Page.

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On these my personal pages, when finished
{don't hold your breath},
you should find :
Links to some of my Friends with Head Injury,
My Philosophies, Ideas, Inventions,
and all in all whatever stuff I may yet think of...
;-) he he... like NDE...(Death)
My Pets ...

My Cats... *Smile* (they love me)
BB Squeek .. Sabra ..

my MG Midget (William)

Linking the World of MG Cars Together
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and maybe even myself.......

My dearest friend Jamie's - Web Page.
Jamie is a very good friend of mine,
Without his help I probably wouldn't still be around.

The Book Of Ash - Wisdom and Philosophy for All

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My Windows PC Computer..

My Acorn Risc PC SA Computer..

My Beliefs, Polotics, Culture, Ideas for the future of Mankind..

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Head Injury Society of New Zealand & Other

Head Injury Homepage
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My Friends Pages

My Friend Jerry's Page.
My Friend Dan's Bus Stop.
My Friend Sagasha's Inspiration
WOW TBI Interchange Freind Toby's Great Resource
My Friend Jamies Pages :) Info... 'How'd that get in !'

' don't let them see this !' My Info..
Ah my NDE, Do they really want to see This
' William ' my MG Midget, -love my Car-
Ohhhe... err ..'Philosophy'-- this is getting Deep in the Secret places..
Not Much Here Yet on my future Inventions... coming...
My Beliefs, on the future needs of society.
Ah.. Sponsors, Great Deals.
Book of Ash - Wisdom and Philosophy for All