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7 Tips for Packing Up Your Life (and moving into an apartment)

Moving to a new home usually represents the beginning of a new period of life, and it can be quite exciting and positive. However, it requires a lot of planning, hard work and thinking about all the tasks you need to perform before you leave the old home.

Packing is one of the major tasks when you move home, and it demands a lot of time, good organization, and also some skill if you want to keep all the items safe and secure from being broken, damaged or lost. In this article you will find some useful tips for successful and effective packing.

Get All the Packing Materials and Boxes in Advance

Before you start packing, it is important to prepare all the materials you may need, so that the packing runs smoothly and for you to be able to finish it quickly.

If you have saved the original boxes from a TV, PC, stereo etc., it is time to get them. Also, buy some bubble wrap for the fragile items, plastic garbage bags, adhesive tape and additional boxes you may need for storing the items.

Use Sheets and Towels for Packing

Instead of packing sheets and towels separately, you can use them to protect the fragile things such as cups, vases, lamps and the like. This is a useful trick which will save from buying too much bubble wrap, and it will also help you “kill two birds with one stone”.

Use a Color-coded System for Packing

This is a useful trick that makes unpacking and arranging the items in the new home much easier. Pick a color for each room in the new apartment, and when you pack the boxes, label them with the appropriate color. This way, when you move the stuff to the new apartment, you will be able to find and arrange them without too much effort.

Pack Properly

When you start packing, it is important to pay attention to several aspects. The items should take as little room as possible, you should protect the fragile items, and you should organize them according to the rooms they belong. Packing clothes can save you a lot of time if you pack them while they are on hangers, instead of taking everything off hangers and folding it. Simply zip-tie several hangers together and cover them with a garbage bag.

Plates should be packed vertically and folded in bubble wrap, because there is less chance that they will be broken. Mirrors, framed photos and pictures need to be packed separate from each other, carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, marked as “fragile” and with glass turned upwards.

Make it Fun

Packing does require a lot of work, but it does not mean that it can be devoid of fun. Include your family members or friends in the packing process, because not only this way it will be much easier to deal with the work, but it will be completed much sooner than it would if you did it all yourself.

When you’re done packing, don’t forget to hire a professional moving company like US Border Movers to keep the rest of your move worry-free.

Tips for Moving With Children

Helpful Tips for Moving With Children

Moving, whether for a corporate relocation, a cross-country move, like moving to Mexico, or a military relocation, can be tough for anyone, especially children. If you're finding yourself faced with having to deliver this extremely sensitive news to your young brood, keep reading to discover tips for moving with children. I actually talked to my 10 year-old to get her take on this topic, and she said the most important thing to her would be to know in advance, which leads to moving first tip:

Moving is hard and stressful for everyone, but you can help ease the discomfort for your kids by following these simple tips for moving with children. Another fun tip to get them excited about their new home is to allow them to start making plans for decorating their new room. But, more than anything make sure to include them in the process. If you’d like to ease the moving process with your children and have a professional moving company do the heavy part of moving your belongings, check out US Border Movers.