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Welcome to our web site which hopefully will be of use to you
in deciding the choice of nursery care for your child

Pinocchio's Nursery is a happy, young, friendly nursery and is situated in brightly decorated, spacious premises, We have excellent outdoor play facilities and are located within Bishopbriggs, Glasgow.

Pinocchio's Nursery is in the careful hands of fully trained Nursery Nurses. The aim of Pinocchio's is to enable children to absorb everything around them in their first years of life. Our promise is to nurture and encourage a sound basis of education on which they can add and build to later on in their school lives.

Our goal is to bring the joy of learning to the children, and to encourage them to appreciate the community they live in. The children's social skills are developed under the guidance of our trained Nursery Nurses. Your child will benefit and grow by undertaking a wide variety of activities throughout our structured day and as such learn without even realising it.

All the equipment within Pinocchio's is of the highest standard. A wide range is freely accessible to meet the different needs of the children in our care. The toys will be monitored for damage and cleaned on a daily basis.


In the event of an accident happening to your child, basic first aid will be given by our trained First Aiders. If an accident is of a more serious nature, hospital treatment or doctor's assistance will be arranged immediately and the child's parents will be notified without delay.

Should you be unhappy with any aspect of the care at Pinocchio's or have a grievance with any member of our staff, please make an appointment to discuss it with either Sandra or Fiona and we will endeavour to get the matter quickly resolved.

Pinocchio's adopts a method whereby no child will ever be physically punished, shouted at, ridiculed or demeaned. Every effort is made to understand why a child is behaving in a certain way, using praise and encouragement.

Pinocchio's has a clear, written policy on child protection which is understood by our staff and volunteers.

Every child at Pinocchio's will be valued as an individual, without any discrimination on the basis of gender, race or ability.

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Pinocchio Nursery Limited
100A Crowhill Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow
Telephone: 0141-563 0294