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All about us:
  • Vital Stats:
    • West Hempfield Warriors
    • Ages 11/12
    • Homefield: Tillbrook
  • Coaches:
    • Marty
    • Uncle Bob (where's he been?)
    • Mike
    • Bill
  • The Line-up:
    • Eric
    • Phil
    • Evan
    • Robbie
    • Nick
    • Chris S.
    • Mike
    • Chris D.

Our schedule: This schedule is subject to change, always check with your coaches for the latest information!

Game 1: May 4, 6:00 Maxwell Stingrays at Hempfield Park Win: 14-0, a Shutout despite the drizzle. Mike the new lead off hitter, good job Nick and Robbie.
Game 2: May 8, 10:00 Youngwood Devil Rays at Tillbrook Win: 5-4, a bunt won the game!
Game 3: May 10, 6:00 Jeannette Elks at TillbrookWin: 13-3 in four innings, Home run by Evan!
Game 4: May 15, 10:00 Carbon Mariners at Carbon #2 Win: 4-3, Great pitching won this game!
Game 5: May 19, 6:00 Jeannette Police at TillbrookWin: 7-3, Evan with an over the fence triple! Welcome Uncle Bob!
Game 6: May 21, 6:00, Jeannette C&S at W. Jnt. Little FieldWin: 7-3, Good pitching by Eric, gave up NO runs. Great bunt by Chris S., Two homers by Evan!
Game 7: May 26, 6:00 Youngwood Red Sox at Park and PoolLoss: 9-8, a heartbreaker in the bottom of the 7th, but a good effort by all
Game 8: May 28, 6:00 WH Cardinals at TillbrookWin: 18-11, a good game with our friends the Cardinals. Chris S double, Evan home run, Mike gave up no runs pitching, Eric gave up no earned runs. Good team effort Nick S., Robbie & Chris D.
Game 9: June 7, 6:00 Ft. Allen Stars at Ft. Allen #1Loss: 8-6, both teams played really well, a good game!
Game 10: June 12, 10:00 Ft. Allen Braves at TillbrookWin: 6-1, good bunt by Eric! Kept our cool with the heat on!
Game 11: June 16, 6:00 Ft. Allen Bulls at TillbrookLoss: 11-1, what happened?!?!
Game 12: June 19, 10:00 Ft. Allen Sea Dogs at Ft Allen #1Loss: 7-6, good catch by Nick, he was carried in from the outfield by his teammates!
Game 13: June 22, 6:00 Bovard Bisons at Bovard Town FieldWin: 24-19, two homers and a triple by Eric, good pitching by Nick, another good catch in the outfield by Nick. Uncle Bob, you missed another good one!
Game 14: July 1, 6:00 Grapeville Dragons at TillbrookCANCELLED: SEE YOU IN THE PLAYOFFS!

We are the West Hempfield Warriors. We have played a few games and we think we look pretty good. So, check our web site often and we'll keep you posted on when our games are, what the scores were, and who made the big plays! You can even e-mail us if you want to. Come visit this page often, or come see us in person!

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Last updated July 16, 1999
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