SOVEREIGNTY FRAUD -- Legal Proceedings and Community Service Projects that Have the Appearance of Legitimacy but are Merely Propaganda Ploys or Sovereignty-Front Organizations; also Income Tax Evasion, and Fraudulent Hawaiian Kingdom Bonds

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This portion of the website is devoted to exposing and debunking fraudulent public relations campaigns that go well beyond the usual distortions of history or twisting of facts found in the Hawaiian sovereignty movement. Newcomers to Hawai'i, or people living outside Hawai'i, might be led to believe that "World Court legal proceedings" or "grass-roots environmental restoration efforts" should be taken at face value. Even well-meaning, normally intelligent people who are long-term or lifelong residents of Hawai'i might be fooled by the institutions or propaganda ploys described here. The "Perfect Title" property title scam cost hundreds of people hundreds of thousands of dollars and caused havoc in the real estate and mortgage banking industry for more than a year.

This page is not intended to insult people who have been fooled by these frauds. Very intelligent people, and people with high moral standards, are sometimes fooled by con artists, magicians, timeshare salesmen, investment counselors, or TV evangelists. After a fraud is exposed, some victims still might not believe they were "taken." Other victims, discovering how truly stoooopid the fraud was, feel a terrible loss of self-esteem for having been fooled. But the important thing is for people to avoid being victimized at all, or else to fight back after they realize what happened and help expose the fraud so others can avoid its pitfalls.

People who have native ancestry, or non-natives who love Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian people, are particularly susceptible to sovereignty fraud. Sovereignty seems like such a beautiful dream, celebrated in song and chants. A beautiful culture is being restored and re-invigorated. Brave people enter the legal and political arenas to fight for "rights." Students who are the first in the history of their families ever to attend college take courses in Hawaiian studies, ethnic studies, political science, history, law, etc. and are inundated by the propaganda of radical professors who refuse to allow guest speakers or assign reading materials that disagree with their "party line." Cultural pride turns into advocacy of racial separatism, racial supremacy, or ethnic nationalism. It is easy to be caught up in this movement. The author of this website confesses to being seduced by the beautiful dream many years ago -- fortunately he woke up before it turned into a real-life nightmare!

Imagine the mood of teenagers and young people in Germany in the 1930s, looking to the new leadership to reassert German cultural pride and economic power. Imagine listening to heart-stopping, inspirational speeches about the glorious heritage and future greatness of the German nation. Imagine prestigious university professors and authors writing and speaking in a scholarly way about how the true Germanic people had been "screwed" by other nations and by ethnic groups within Germany. Imagine flamboyant politicians citing selected "facts" in powerful speeches at mass rallies, calling for profound social and economic changes including reparations. Might a disaster have been averted if responsible scholars had spoken out sooner? If mainstream politicians had been more courageous in resisting evil? The Nazi movement was a major fraud that was so powerful and convincing that it seduced millions of Germans, Austrians, Sudetenland Czechs, French, Belgians, Dutch, Croatians, and others to do horrible things; and it also produced millions of heroes among the same nationalities and other nationalities who resisted and eventually defeated the Nazis.

Below are examples of recent fraudulent activities undertaken on behalf of Hawaiian sovereignty in the legal or community-action arenas. Some more-blatantly-fraudulent activities are also reported, including income tax evasion and a new issue of Hawaiian Kingdom government bonds. There are many other examples which could be cited, and perhaps some of them will be cited in future additions to this webpage. So many examples, so little time! Readers are invited to send e-mail to the author of this website, providing as much detail as possible about similar sovereignty frauds. Essays exposing such frauds are especially welcome if they are well-documented and ready to be published on this webpage. Contributors may remain anonymous if they wish, or may have their names published as being the authors of what they submit. The author of this website is especially hoping to receive information from people who were involved in the "Perfect Title" fraud, either as now-repentant perpetrators or as victims. Contributors should please read the examples below, and then send similar information.

The “PERFECT TITLE” Scam -- Keanu Sai, self-proclaimed Regent pro-tem of the Hawaiian Kingdom, claimed land titles in Hawai'i are junk because the overthrow, annexation, and statehood were all illegal. He collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from hundreds of clients for bogus title searches and warranty deeds; caused grief to property owners; messed up the real estate industry and mortgage banking for more than a year; and escaped with probation and a $200 fine.

Hawaiian Kingdom land scams make a big return in 2008 [FBI investigating mortgage scam involving issuance of Hawaiian Kingdom bonds.

Fraudulent Hague Arbitration -- Keanu Sai, self-proclaimed Regent pro-tem of the Hawaiian Kingdom, used "the International Court at the Hague" for a propaganda circus.

Keanu Sai is (in)famous for his Perfect Title scam and his World Court scam. But more recently he has been pushing his third major scam. He claims there were two executive agreements between Queen Liliuokalani and U.S. President Grover Cleveland. According to Sai, Liliuokalani assigned her administrative authority to President Cleveland in her letter of January 17, 1893 protesting the revolution; and in December 1893 President Cleveland promised to restore Liliuokalani to the throne in return for her promise to give amnesty to the revolutionaries. However, neither one of these was an executive agreement. A webpage provides several refutations debunking both the "Liliuokalani Assignment" and the "Agreement of Restoration." See

Fraudulent Ahupua'a -- The Use of Cultural and Environmental Restoration as a Political Front for Hawaiian Sovereignty -- The Example of the Ahupua'a Restoration Council of He'eia

New Issue of $ 1 Billion Hawaiian Kingdom Bonds (109 Years Too Late: February, 2002)

Income Tax Evasion Based on Claims of Hawaiian Sovereignty

Native Hawaiian Bank -- How Bumpy Kanahele and Activists Seeking Reparations for Slavery are Blackmailing Bank of America as it Seeks to Merge With FleetBoston. The concept of a bank chartered under federal regulations, with FDIC insurance, with racial restrictions on bank stock ownership and bank management, and focusing on ethnic Hawaiian home mortgages and business loans

Some claim that "Native Hawaiians" are an indigenous, aboriginal, separate and distinct people. Some claim that a "trust relationship" has been established with the federal government (because of numerous racial entitlement programs of federal handouts). Therefore, it is claimed that Native Hawaiians should be formally recognized as an Indian tribe. Such status as a phony Indian tribe would give them the right to preserve and expand racial entitlement programs and racially exclusionary land holdings exempt from challenge under the 14th Amendment equal protection clause, and would guarantee a permanent funnel of taxpayer dollars to support such programs. See:

Fraudulent Compassion for Poor, Downtrodden Hawaiians -- How OHA, Hawaiian Homelands, and Kamehameha School/Bishop Estate Use Nepotism, Sole-Source Contracting, and the Hawaiian Recognition Bill to Make Rich Hawaiians Even Richer at Everyone Else's Expense (and then, of course, blame the "dominant culture" when poor Hawaiians remain poor!) This webpage makes an explicit connection between the Native Hawaiian Recognition bill, several individuals who are already profiting handsomely from racial entitlement programs, and projects which are little more than racial "spoils." Examples include Beadie Dawson and her contracting company; Clayton Hee and his brother who heads up a $500 Million construction boondoggle on "Hawaiian Homelands" which costs every telephone subscriber in America about $10 per year; an upscale housing project providing $385,000 houses to wealthy Native Hawaiians in a racially exclusionary neighborhood. For details about these topics and how they are related to the Native Hawaiian Recognition bill, see:

The Hawaiian sovereignty movement is filled with fraudulent legal, historical, and moral claims. They are fraudulent in the sense that they contain superficial elements or appearances of truth which seduce unsophisticated people into believing large-scale falsehoods. Here are some examples referring to lengthy analyses elsewhere on this website:

Claims of cultural or religious desecration, or environmental pollution, may have some degree of legitimacy. But legitimate complaints which could lead to reasonable remedies are blown out of proportion and used cynically to attack and cripple large projects or major institutions. One such example is the demand for an environmental and cultural impact statement regarding the U.S. military's use of Makua valley for training. See:
Another example is the demand to stop further placement of astronomical telescopes at Mauna Kea. See:

The general public's desire to preserve and encourage the flourishing of Hawaiian language and culture, has led to the establishment of taxpayer-supported "public" language immersion and culture immersion charter schools, which are now explicitly used for ethnic separatist nation-building. See:

Disclaimer: Regarding the Hague case, or ahupua'a restoration case, the word "fraud" is being used here not in any formal legal or financial sense, but in the customary informal political and moral meaning of "a deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair gain; a piece of trickery; a sham." However, in the case of Perfect Title Company there were felony convictions, and in the case of income tax evasion, actual fraud has been proved in court and people were sent to prison. Also, the Hawaiian Kingdom government bonds fraud was apparently shut down by the perpetrators following public exposure, to avoid legal action.


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