A Brief History of Citizenship and Voting Rights in Hawai'i (Kingdom, Republic, Territory, and State)

In Spring, 2002 a very important article was published by Patrick W. Hanifin in the Hawaii Bar Journal, Vol. V, No. 13, pp. 15-44. Its title is "To Dwell on the Earth in Unity: Rice, Arakaki, and the Growth of Citizenship and Voting Rights in Hawai'i"

Attorney Patrick W. Hanifin specializes in civil rights, land use and environmental law. He is a partner in the Honolulu law firm of Im Hanifin Parsons. He is also the Hawai'i attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation, a nonprofit public interest law firm. He can be contacted as follows:

Patrick W. Hanifin, Esq.
Im Hanifin Parsons
1001 Bishop Street
Pacific Tower, Suite 2475
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Phone (direct line) : 808-585-7768
Fax: 808-585-0336
Email: patrick.hanifin@ihplaw.com

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