Gonna take a sentimental journey
Gonna set my heart at ease
Gonna make a sentimental journey
To renew old memories

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Our First Ever Newspaper Article (1936)

Complimentary ticket for our first show (1936)

Advertising pamphlet for our first show (1936)

No Country Bumpkins (1962)

Looking Around (1962)

Minstrel Days (1962)

Top of the Morning Feeling (1963)

Caribbean Cruise (1970)

Money-Friends (1971)

The Gang (1978)

The Girl That I Marry (1978)

The Night They Invented Champagne (1978)

A Century of Minstrelsy 1 (1978)

A Century of Minstrelsy 2 (1978)

Older Girls (1979)

Older Boys (1979)

Older Boys . . . again (1979)

On The Beach (1979)

The Gang (1979)

Crooners (1980)

Alan McHugh (early 80's)

Band on The Run (Early 80's)

Cast from South West District (1981)

Older Boys Dressing Room (1981)

The Gang (1982)

Music Rehearsal (1982)

Dressing Room 6 - Kings Theatre (1982)

Finale (1982)

Gang Show Stage Crew (1983)

Boys Dressing Room (1983)

Grafitti Wall 1 from NGEN (1983)

Grafitti Wall 2 from NGEN (1983)

Kenny Naylor (1984)

The Young Ones!!! (Mid 80's)

There Is Nothing Like a Dame (Mid 80's)

The One That We Want (Mid 80's)

Fashion Divas (Mid 80's)

Peanuts from NGEN (1985)

Hagar from NGEN (1985)

The Big Yin from NGEN (1985)

Peter and Muriel Rizza (1985)

The Gang (1988)

Jim Gray - Gang Show Superstar (Late 80's)

Gang Show Radio Crew (1991)

Happy Birthday (1997)

Charlie Allison (1998)

Amanda Letarte (1998)

The Gang (1999)

The Gang (2000)

The Gang (2002)

Karen Dunbar Meets the Gang (Final Saturday Matinee 2002)

These Are The Times (Saturday Night Finale 2002)

The Gang (2003)

Gallery of Photographs from this year's show. (Link removed due to complaints!!!)

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