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Eckankar lies. The "Newbie Freebie" book, "Eckankar: Ancient Wisdom for Today," is not the only publication which contains the for-deceptive-public-bleating mind-control cult slogan: "We do not worship the Living ECK Master. He is a guide to be respected, loved, and honored. He is not an icon to be worshipped."

And non-worship is a GOOD thing to claim....and to try to convince members that it's true. Except...the LEM *is* worshipped...Paul Twitchell planned it that way, by claiming that his cult's leader (himself) was God, or above what we generally think of as God.

Klemp avoids an open, honest answer to the sincere seeker by referring him to books which will implant the desired subconscious beliefs into his mind.....

The Spiritual Notebook

The Spiritual Notebook, (c) 1971 by Paul Twitchell, 5th printing, 1977, Illuminated Way Press:

page 6: "The great prophets, those powerful figures whom we call Rama, Krishna, Hermes, Moses, Orpheus, Puthagoras, Plato and Jesus, are known to have been chelas in the various mystery schools---such as the Essene---which are all offsprings of the ancient order of ECKANKAR Masters, known most commonly as the Order of the Vairagi Avatars."

page 19: "A Master earns the authority to wear his spiritual mantle by establishing himself in the state of God consciousness. . .He is sometimes called the Param Sant (meaning the Supreme One) because he has reached the highest possible attainment in supreme God consciousness.

The true ECK Master is a Sat-Guru appointed by the Supreme Deity we know as Sat Nam, ruler of the Soul, or fifth plane, and all worlds above and below it. . .but the Sat Guru in in (sic)the material universe today, whom we can see and talk with in the physical form, is our chief spiritual authority. He speaks for God on every plane through all the universes, from the lowest negative to the highest spiritual one.

His place here is to contact and uplift all humanity. He is responsible only to God, often bypassing Sat Nam, the Vi-Guru."

page 20: "The Sat-Guru is the Son of God. This same expression was used to describe Christ during His stay on Earth. It means that he was directly responsible to the Supreme Deity, and it was only he who could bypass all planes to lead the chela into the heavenly worlds again.

page 22: "The Mahanta is the highest one can go in these lower worlds. He is a god man, appointed by the divine SUGMAD for the purpose of giving the Nam, the Word, of the initiation. The Sat-Guru is the authority for the SUGMAD. He is what the Christians know in their Gospel as the Son of God. In other words, he is the trinity discussed in the New Testament and other religious writings of the world. He is the one who has reached the stage of the God State."

page 23: "His way is prepared, and the salvation of those who share his suffering and passion for life and freedom, is assured."

page 37: "Only the living ECK Master has the key to the secret kingdoms."

page 38: We cannot, therefore, consider the ECK Master as an ordinary human person, like the rest of us, for upon his shoulders fall the problems of the whole world. He is the singular one who is responsible for all things that go on within the universes of God. This sounds vrey strange but it is true.

page 65: "There is no other way except through the ECK Master..."

page 90: "Unless an ECK Master brings us to this level of spiritual understanding, then we are without any possible opportunity of returning to the heavenly worlds."

page 96: "Now you should be able to understand what is meant when someone in ECK claims that the living ECK Master is the ECK Itself. He has become one with the ECK and It has penetrated him until finally no action, either in the Soul, mental, or physical realm, is performed unless it is directed by the ECK. He has become the Channel for God.

page 102: " . . .the living ECK Master, who is known as the MAHANTA of the age."

page 109: ". . .the MAHANTA, who is the living ECK Master. . ."

page 118: "Without the Mahanta, the living ECK Master, no one can attain conscious union with the stream of pure life, nor can he go further than the first region of light, which is the astral."

page 126: Since the Mahanta is the Master of the secret teachings, truth learned from any other source is of little or no value.

Only the living ECK Master is capable enough to give truth as it is to the chela. Unless he is under the ECK Master then his gathering of truth has little value. He is unable to establish any link with the Godhead and, more importantly, is unable to find a way to discover truth for himself. The Master is the link between the chela and the Godhead, for he is the living Word Itself."

"Man's great problem is that he has not turned to the ECK Master to receive spiritual redemption."

". . .the SUGMAD makes ITS appearance again and again in this world, through the manifestation of the ECK Master."

page 144: "Only the living ECK Master . . .is spiritually developed so that he can act as the instrument of God on any plane, as long as he retains a physical body."

page 145: ". . .the living ECK Master. . .has been given the Rod of ECK Power and supersedes all others in heaven and earth. . ."

"Whoever accepts the Rod of ECK Power becomes the Mahanta. This is a spiritual title designating the highest state of consciousness while still in this world and carrying on the duties of the living ECK Master."

"Each who has the title of Mahanta is the divine manifestation of God."

page 151: "Then who shall see heaven? Those who follow the Mahanta and seek Reality through the path of ECKANKAR. Every chela on this path understands that the living ECK Master is the light-giver, or the transformer through which he must go in order to find God. Unless he does this is is impossible to reach the heavenly worlds. He is the only one ever manifesting in all history in whom individualism and universalism are combined in their full expression."

page 153: ". . .the nine secret ECK Masters who are responsible for the hidden knowledge of the spiritual worlds pay homage to the new living ECK Master."

"The living ECK Master is the examplar of the light and sound of God."

"There is not a living creature or being in the worlds of God who does not receive spiritual benefits from the living ECK Master, including every individual on this and other planets; the constellations and galaxies in the universe."

page 159: The ECK Masters are the agents of God, and each who serves in this world is considered the Godman over all the other masters. . .He is the direct agent of God in this world and therefore all worlds."

"The universes are the vineyard of the living ECK Master and he will colonize all in the name of the SUGMAD."

page 163: "Christ is called the "Light of the World," . . .Buddha is given the title "Light of Asia." But the living ECK Master, the Mahanta, is known as the "Light of the Universes."

"the living ECK Master is timeless in the Atma Sarup. He is the Alpha and Omega, immaculately conceived, raised in the physical form. . ."

". . .the ECK descends and enters into the new Master, giving him the power of the Word of God. He becomes the actual manifestation of God through this power, which he retains throughout his life here on Earth and throughout the universes."

page 175: "Anyone who puts faith in anything other than the living ECK Master has no support for his life."

page 178: "...the chela must be aware of the SUGMAD as that Divine Source which has ITS power invested in the living ECK Master."

page 182: "If the chela does nothing else but give himself up entirely to the living ECK Master, he has gained eternity."

page 183: "Any chela who refuses to attain the state of self-surrender to the living ECK Master can not expect to go beyond the second level of initiation."

page 184: "Those who have not yet traveled the path of ECK, nor met the living ECK Master, will have to incarnate over and over on the Wheel of the Eighty-Four until the day arrives when they are spiritually developed enough to meet the Master and begin their journey to the heavenly worlds."

page 197: "Each living ECK Master has become the Mahanta, which is God made flesh on Earth. Therefore, we look to the Mahanta for he is the representative of the SUGMAD in our midst today."

page 198: "The living ECK Master is the only manifestation of the Sugmad on Earth."

"The living ECK Master is the perfect instrument of the SUGMAD on this plane, often he is the Mahanta."

The following passage from the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book 2 (page 146 in the 1986 8th Printing) immediately follows the plagiarized "25th Psalm" which Klemp continues using to this day:

"All those who gaze upon the countenance of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, shall be lifted up spiritually and be healed of all their afflictions. ( . . .) Therefore, anyone who has been healed of all their afflictions by gazing upon the countenance of the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master, shall find that not only does it assist them in every way, but it shall, as stated above, vibrate to the extent of the whole world and help those nearest him with astonishing results.

The SUGMAD never appears in the flesh except as the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master. . ."

and page 148: "No one except the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master, knows from where the power of ECK comes and that It is never exhausted."

(Although Twitchell promoted himself as a "healer" Klemp has wisely gotten away from that...or at least, from the obviously ridiculous claims. Klemp's "healing" messages are more subtle...such as directing members to read passages like the above from SKS 2.)FrFF9FrFG*%

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