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Other PWC Reviews

2000 Polaris Virage TX

New for 2000 is the Polaris Virage TX. It is powered by the 1200 engine that made it debut in the Genesis. It is exactly 1,165cc and produces 135 horsepower, 5 more than a 2000 XP or RX. Okay, okay before you start emailing me I know the Virage weighs much more, about 100 pounds more. It has power but its not geared toward speed such as the others mentioned. It is built for comfort and for the family man, the largest growing target for modern PWCs. More and more skis today are being built for this purpose. I don't have a problem with this and welcome newcomers to the sport, even if they are looking for a different sort of ski, such as the Virage. I think I will stick to sport runabouts and stand ups. So why did I choose the Polaris Virage TX? Because it is the first Polaris that truly caught my eye. It is sleek with nice curves, looking much better than past models. It also has the horsepower to back up the looks.

2000 Yamaha Superjet

Not new for 2000 is the Yamaha Superjet. It is basically the same as the 1996 model, except for the paint/graphics. It is powered by the dual carb 701cc engine also found in the '96 Waveblaster. It produces 73 horsepower. The Superjet made its debut in 1990 and has been winning races ever since. Top Pros such as Nicholas Rius and Tera Crismon ride Superjets. It has a top speed of about 45mph, and accelerates faster than an SXi Pro, the only other stand up left. List price is about 6 grand. It should be lower considering the GP760 lists for about the same price. None the less it is a great ski, perfect for the surf. It has earned the title Persoanl Watercraft of the Month.