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2000 Models

Here are some of the 2000 models.

Kawasaki 1100STX DI

It's back and its beefed up. Now its rated at 130 horsepower and it's cleaner thanks to direct injection. It is sure to be a winner on the pro circuit on 2000, Forhget the sports car, this is the affordable midlife crisis that even the kids and wife can enjoy.

Kawasaki Ultra 150

The musclecraft shootout winner from last year is back! Churning out 145 horses and running a true 65mph, it is sure to be in the front of the pack once again.

Yamaha GP1200R

All new for 2000! It has the 1200 that made its debut in the XL1200 Limited last year. Its pumping out 155 horses. It almost looks like an XPL cowling. Can't wait to see it in action.

Polaris Pro 1200

Rated at 135hp, it is now the runabout king for Polaris. Rumors have it there will be a factory optional triple pipes race package, but it will void the warranty and must be installed by the owner or dealer. It is the same top deck from last year's SLX, minus the mirrors. If it's anything like the Pro 785, it'll be winning races next season.

Sea-Doo RX

This is Sea-Doo's new flagship musclecraft. It is powered by a fuel injected version of the 951cc. It weighs 606 pounds and is a little bit longer than last years GSXL, at 119inches. Rumors are it goes 65 and handles like a dream. I can believe the handling part, but as for 65mph with only 130 horses, well we'll just have to wait and see.

Sea-Doo XPL

It is basically the same as last year with a very bold color scheme. I am not sure whether I do or don't like it. It sure looks different, but then again the XP is legendary for that.

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