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Last Updated On: June 5, 2004

Welcome to my homepage dedicated to personal watercraft (jet skis) of all makes and models. Everything on this page is my opinion and the information is as accurate as possible. It is nowhere near completion at the moment, so check back! Note: Most pictures/words are clickable and lead to other sections.

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6/5/04: Wow it's been almost three years since I've updated this site. Main reason because I haven't had a watercraft these past couple years, but I have cured that problem! I recently bought an old Kawasaki 550 stand up that I will be restoring and getting back into running condition, so check back for info on that. I will try to include lots of pictures and info on my progress with that.

Personal Watercraft Spotlight

The GP800R is a fusion of technology. It is the combination of Yamaha's 784cc twin from '98 and the GP1200R hull from 2000. It marks the end of the original GP hull which is no longer available now that the GP760 is gone. The GP800R's two stroke twin produces 120hp, as it has since it's inception. The hull is said to be based on the '97 race hull. Considering this it is no surprise how well the GPR hull is doing on the tour. Nicolas Rius won the 2000 World Finals aboard his GP1200R, with a 1st place finish in both heats. Dustin Farthing, who rides for RIVA Yamaha, finished a less impressive fourth aboard his GP800R at the World Finals. Nevertheless the GP800R is an impressive boat with lots of potential. I personally like the Yamaha colors over any other. Its aggressive styling looks fast even when tied to the dock.

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