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This is a sim game!! None, of this is real!!

Owner: Joanne

Co-owner: Austin

Hi!! And welcome to HSHG (Horseshoes Sim Horse Game)!!!! Here you can raise, breed, train, show and have fun with your very own sim animals!!!! Above is HSHG's horse mascots, Comet and Dancer!!! Below is Tukay, the dog mascot and Meow, the cat mascot!! Please check out the links below and maybe join!!! There's always room for new members!!!

About Horseshoes

Horseshoes is a new fast paced sim game that is fun. Horseshoes is totally different from other sim games. Horseshoes has continents and even a contininent where you are the horse. This section tells what Horseshoes does differently from other sim games, and it also tells what Horseshoes is about/how to play/ what you do etc. Check it out!!

On that continent where the members are the horses, there is a message board. Members post adventures from the horses point of veiw every once in a while. Members must be a part of this. You must be at least 1 horse in this activity and you can't be more than 3 horses.

There are member ratings. The ratings are: Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop and Star. The ratings are for the activeness of each member. Walk is a rating for a member who just started and doesn't own a business and isn't too active yet. Trot is a rating for members who have graduated from Walk, own businesses and are somewhat active members in Horseshoes. Canter is a rating for active members who own more than 1 business, help other members out, adopt abandoned animals, donate sim money to good causes, are graduates from Trot and are always willing to help make Horseshoes the best sim game it can possibly be. Gallop is for members that are graduates from Canter, extreamly active members, members who are good consultants for people who have questions and for new members and who often holds shows and fund-raisers for a good cause. All members start out in Walk. When the member graduates, they are recognized for their hard work to become a graduate from that level. If a member graduates from Gallop, they are into the Star level. Star is a hard level to get to. Star is a level for members who have passed all levels and have been very active and helpful to everybody and worked hard to become a good member in Horseshoes. Members at the Star level are members who have fund-raising events for somebody else's problem (e.g. A members horse needs expensive surgery and the owner doesn't have that much money), who are people who people can trust to be friendly and helpful (e.g. somebody needs a question to be answered so they can contact a Star member). There are no levels after Star. How you become a graduate: you e-mail me what you have done for other people, animals you've adopted, businesses you own, what level you're currently in and why you think you should graduate. I will then e-mail you with your level and if you'll graduate or not. Try hard to become a good member and enter the Star level!! You get recognized when you graduate from one level to the next.

Horseshoes has it's own, very new, sim horse breed!! It's the Trapliano!!! It isn't a real breed. It's just a sim breed. Trapliano horses are spotted palomino with feathering on the legs. They have thick manes, tails and coats and the usual markings are: stripes, stars, blazes, and socks. They are as fast as a Thoroughbred and Quater Horse combined and they have their own special gait, the Trap, which is a slow canter, fast trot and running walk put together. They are very showy and intellegent. This years Trapliano foals may be the best foals so far. Members can make up sim breeds. Just as long as the sim breed's name is not the same as real breed names or other sim breed names.

Point System and Shows: There are show points in Horseshoes. When you win a show, you get points. The points system usually is like this (it depends on the show organizer):

1st: 10pts.

2nd: 7pts.

3rd: 5pts.

Champion Status: 50pts.

Grand National/Continent National Show (to qualify): 70pts.

I know it might not be fair, but would it be fair if a person entered a horse that had won 15pts. in the Grand National while all the other horses entered were qualified champions?? Horses can't be called champions unless they have 50pts. Points will be sent to me by the show organizer not the participant, to discourage lying. The points will be recorded on the members page. When a horse becomes a champion he/she will be recognized. His/Her status won't be ordinary horse on the registry page, it will be champion. If the stallion was a champion and his working life is over and he's to be a stud, his status will be champion stud. Same with champion mares to be champion broodmares. Shows: Continent National- a show to narrow down competitors for the Grand National. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will enter the Grand National. Grand National- a show to determine the National Champion of Horseshoes. The Continent National is always held 1 week before the National. This years National is held on August 1st. The Continent National is held July 25th. The National is held on the continent Horseshoes, always.

The continents that are currently running are Horseshoes and Equinearea because nobody ownes businesses or lives on the other 4 continents yet. Start getting the other continents running!!

Olympics: Horseshoes has annual Olympics. The Olympics competitors consist of specially trained champion horses (and horses to be champions) and teams of riders. Each continent has a team of at least 5 people, and at least 10 horses (there can be more). Each continent has a specific breed, different from all other continent breeds. Each team has a captain. Team members must have at least 2 champions (1 for the morning, 1 for the afternoon). Teams must have names. Names consist of the continent name and continent breed (e.g. Horseshoes Traplianos or Equinearea Thoroughbreds). The teams existing are: Horseshoes Traplianos and Equinearea . Those look like the only teams in the Olympics this year. About the teams: HT (Horseshoes Traplianos) team members: Joanne. Horses are: Kalahari, Simply Stunning, Magestic, Canterbury, Impressive Talent, Perfection, Dancer, Prancer, Desert Storm and Mystical Magic, all owned by Joanne. E(?) : team members: Austin. Horses: (unknown)

Horsefun: The 'you are the horse' continent. Members all have to particiapate in this. Member horse names will be posted here and on the members page so you can figure out who's who on Horsefun's MB (Message Board). If you (a mare) have a foal or find a lost foal, you must act out that foal. Only then will you be able to be more than 3 horses. Even with that, you can't be more than 5 horses. Put it this way: you start out as 1-3 horses and you find/have foals untill you are 5 horses (if you want to be that many). If you are a stallion, you can act out 2 foals of your LM(lead mare)'s after she has 2 foals to act out. The limit can be more at this moment (max 9 so far but it will be more, but you must be 5 horses for at least 2 weeks before it'll happen) but you need permission to be more than 5 horses. What you do in H-fun (short form of Horsefun): once or more times a week, you post a message on the MB. Text between stars (*) means an action. Text not between stars means words. Example Post:

*Rears* I'm looking for mares to be in my herd. LM position not taken yet. *Whinnies* I challenge Dancer for a mare!! *Canters in a circle* Meet you here whenever you're ready, Dancer!! *Lies down to wait*. -Storm

That was not a real post. That was a normal post. Yes, there can be fights. Challenged horse, witness/referee horse and challenger horse meet at a certain decided time on the MB and act out a fight. A witness/referee horse will flip a coin. Heads challenged horse wins, tails the challenger horse wins. Acted out fights last for a little while. Then the fight ends and the winner is determined by the witness/ref. Mares can fight, the same way. There also can be races. Winners of races are also determined by a coin flipper. You must check the MB often. Here is a list of the members and what sim horses they are (this will be moved to the member page):

Joanne is: Desert Storm (Storm), Perfection (Perfect), Trivia (Triv), Kalahari (Kal), Cola, Comet, Canterbury (Canter), Sunflower, Dakota, Solar, Restless Fury and Dancer.

Austin is: (unknown)

The Wild Horse Round-up: a yearly activity to help keep the wild horse population down on Wild Horse Acres, the wild horse reserve in Horseshoes (the continent). WHA can't be crowded becausethere might not be enough food for all the wild horses if there were too many of them. WHA has a new program. To improve the quality of the wild horses, WHA frees quality stallions and mares to run free with the wild horses. Also, WHA is now releasing horses that have been on the adoption page for a month into the wild, so the horses can have a good life. The horses, if they're wanted get caught and given to the person who wants them. WHA is also accepting donations.

Warehouses/Comepanies: Imagine this: A tack store claims it's english saddle is made of the finest leather. Somebody buys it and it falls apart the next day. The person returns it and gets a refund. That's because the tack store didn't buy the leather from the leather comapany!!! There will be warehouses where you can buy stuff like that. There are already a few like the H-shoes (Horseshoes the continent's short form) Tack Equipment, Feed, Pharmacy, Bedding and a few more. Each player must own at least 1 warehouse.

Disasters (maybe): Could be coming soon. Depends on the amount of members if there are disasters. Currently there are small disasters like: ' Your prize horse got caught in the fence. Do you have insurance??' or 'Your champion horse ran away. Do you have insurance??' told to you by the stable owners and me.

Insurance: You can get that at the registry. Get more info on insurance there.

Gifts: You can send gifts to people. You just e-mail the person with an e-mail like: I, (your name) give (their name) a (gift name). Example: I, Joanne give Austin a sheep.

There's more!!! Woof!!! A sim continent where your a dog. Not all members need to particapate in this but there needs to be more than 3 dogs in Woof!!! You can have packs but there must be at least 1 male dog in the pack. Same as H-fun. Member/dog list:

Joanne: Tukay (pronounced Two(2)-K), Collie, Cheemo, Canine, Sable and Sabre.

Austin: (Unknown)

There's still more...this will be the last of the info, though....Meow!!! That's the continent where you are the cat. Same as H-fun and Woof. Again, not all members need to particapate in this but there must be more than 3 cats involved!!! You can have a little herd (or is it 'pride' for cats?) but there must be at leat 1 male cat in the herd ('pride'?). Member/cat list:

Joanne: Meow, Frisky, Whiskers, Tiger and Purrsian (Purr).

Austin: (Unknown)

That's all about Horseshoes now. Soon there will be more info so keep checking it out.



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Equinearea Shows Page

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Comet's Quiz!

A new quiz will be posted every month. To answer the quiz, e-mail me with the answers to the quiz, your name and e-mail adress. The answers should be put like this: 1. (answer) 2. (answer)... and so on. This month's quiz is about Comet (look closely at picture above to answer questions).

1. What is Comet's breed?(Guess. Hint: She's not a horse)

2. What is Comet's gender?

3. Could Comet have any markings? Explain why.

4. What colour is Comet?

5. What do you think Comet's show name should be?(Comet is Comet's nickname) Explain why.

Each month will have a different quiz. The last question is always just for fun (Comet really doesn't have a show name yet). The quizes will get harder, more educational and more challenging. You should check the horse info page every month because whatever is on that page the month you check it, is what's on that month's quiz! Note: this quiz will only be up for half a month because I have to quiz you members (and visitors, if they want to answer the quizes) on the info on the horse info page!! Note: If you have any suggestions for subjects of future quizes, please e-mail me.

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1. Did you join HSHG?

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5. Out of a scale from 1-10 how would you rate HSHG?

Thank you for taking the survey!!

Tukay's Facts on Pet Care and Pet Care Tips Center!!

There will be facts on how to make caring for pets (horses, dogs, cats...etc.) easier. There isn't much now, but soon there will be recipes, tips and tricks and everything amaginable if people will send some in!! Send in those recipes, tips/tricks and things you do to care for your pet easier!!!

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