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First Generation
Joseph Tudor TODD was born about 1625 in Eling, Southamptonshire, England. He died on 20 Sep 1699 in Southhampton, PA. He signed a will 1699/8 Aug 1700 in Philadelphia, , PA. Siblings Samuel, Elizabeth, Daniel & David were still living in England when his will was probated in Philadelphia in 1699, or 8 Aug 1700.

Wife -- Joanna SWIFT was born about 1650. She died in 1700.

Children were:

1) Joshua TODD.

2) Caleb TODD was born about 1686 in Philadelphia,PA.

3)Thomas TODD was born about 1690 in Philadelphia, PA. He died on 20 Apr 1735. Wife --Married Elizabeth 4 Feb 1720/1721.

4) Elizabeth TODD was born about 1690 in Philadelphia, PA.

5) Mary (Martha) TODD was born about 1695 in Philadelphia, PA.

Second Generation
Joshua TODD was born about 1681 in Philadelphia,PA.
He died after 1729.
Joshua TODD witnessed the will of Evan Morgan
11 Dec 1708 with John Manners and John Swift Jr.
Wife -- UNKNOWN.

Children were:
1) Samuel TODD was born in , , PA.
2) John B. TODD was born in 1705 in Philadelphia, , PA. He died in 1769 in Rowan Co., NC.
3) Caleb TODD was born in 1708 in Philadelphia, , PA. He died in 1795 in , Rowan, NC. Patented land in Bucks Co, PA in 1742. See Volume 24 page 170 in PA Archives for 9 Feb 1743. Sold land to Lewis Enger in 1756 and went to Rowan Co., NC. Had a first wife of unknown name. Moved to Wilkes Co., GA but returned to NC by 1790, where he is in census with 3 males and 4 females. Wil dated 21 Sep 1794 (Book E. p 30 rowan Co., NC) probated in 1796. !Married Margaret Catherine Williams abt 1766.
4) Thomas TODD was born about 1723 in Philadelphia, PA. He died about 1777 in Rowan Co., NC. Died in combat in the Revolutionary War. Statement from Adjutant General's Office, United States War Department, Thomas Todd enlisted -------, 1777, for three years, and died September ____, 1777. No further record relative to him or his service, has been found." This record is also found in North Carolina State Records, and an entry showing that Mr. Philip Fisburn received pay (as attorney ) in 1786, pounds 38.8.6 for the service of Thomas Todd, Thomas Todd had earlier serviced in the North Carolina Troops under Captain Lawrence Thompson, enlisting May 1, 1771 and serving until June 29th. He was paid for sixty days at 7s6d, or pounds. 6.0.0. (Records of Hubert and Geneva Cox, Moweaqua, Illinois ) In 1772, Thomas Todd acquired a 260-acre tract from James Simerson (Rowan Co., NC, Book 7, p. 462).
5) Benjamin TODD was born in 1725 in Easton, Northampton Co., PA. He died in 1819 in Boonesborough, Madison Co., KY.. Listed in Rowan Co., NC tax list. with sons Caleb and Peter. Moved about 1775-1777 from Easton, PA to Rowan Co, NC. Sold 200 acres on Lick Cr. Rowan Co., NC to Hanliman Davis. Listed in area of Rowan Co., that became Davidson Co., in 1789. Sold 525 acres in Rowan Co., NC, on 19 Mar 1796. About 1797 he and five sons moved to Madison Co., KY he married Sarah Griffin.
Wife -- Sarah GRIFFIN was born in 1730 in Upper Medford, Bucks Co., PA. She died in 1790 in , Rowan Co., NC.

Children were:

1) John TODD was born on 3 Jun 1752 in Easton, Northampton Co., PA. He died about 1819 in Gilvier Co., GA.
2) Elizabeth TODD was born in 1754 in Easton, Northampton, PA. Married Andrew McLain on 10 May 1775 in Rowan Co. NC.
3) Peter TODD.
4) Joseph TODD was born in 1758 in Easton, Northampton, PA. He died on 30 Dec 1842 in , Madison, KY. Guard at Salisbury District Gaol, Rowan Co, NC, 1778. NC Line, W3055, applid for pension on 13 Aug 1832 in Madison Co KY, and his widow appl 12 Dec 1844 Madison Co KY
5) Benjamin TODD Jr. was born in 1759 in Easton, Northampton, PA. He died on 24 Jan 1855 in , Rutherford, TN. Served 8 mo. in the Rev. War. in 1777 in Captain Davis Co. NC Militia-Private. Lived in Rowan Co., KY for several yrs after the Rev then moved to Madison Co KY for 10 yrs then moved to Rutherford Co TN where he applied for a Rev. War pension on 20 Nov 1832.
6) Thomas TODD was born on 3 Jun 1761 in Easton, Northampton Co., PA. He was buried in Apr 1843 in Heltonville, Lawrence Co., IN. Gilgal Cemetery, He died on 5 Apr 1843 in , Lawrence Co., IN. Married Zipporah Conger in 1781. Served in the Rev. War 14 months in Captain David Cowan's NC.
7) Mary TODD was born in 1763 in Easton Northampton, PA. She died in 1799 in ,Wilkes Co.,GA -Married William Scudder on 22 Feb 1783 in Rowan Co. NC.
8) William, Sr. TODD was born on 28 Apr 1765 in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania. He died in Nov 1849 in , Madison, Kentucky. He may have been born in 1768. he stated that he was 77 years old on 28 Apr 1845. But in an Application for pension for his brother Thomas, he gave his age as 67 in 1832. This would make him a twin of his brother Aaron.
9) Aaron TODD was born on 28 Apr 1765 in Easton, Northampton, PA.
Third Generation
John Todd,Sr
Born 1735,Bucks Co.,Pa
Died 1799,Rowan Co.,N.C.

Married:1752-Sarah Griffin or Giffen
Born 1736,Bucks Co.,Pa
Died 1789,Rowan Co.,N.C.
1)Giles Todd---
2)John Todd Jr.---Born 1755 in Rowan Co.,N.C.Died 1819 or 1820 in Jones Co.,Ga

John Todd, Sr. married Sarah (possibly Giles).

Fourth Generation

John Todd Jr.
Born 1755,Rowan Co.,N.C.
Died 1819,1820,Jones Co.,Ga
Married Margaret Erwin of Rowan Co.,N.C.

1)Benjamin Todd-Born 1778-Died Jan.1855
2)Levi Todd---

John and Margaret Erwin were married in Rowan county, NC. Their sons, Benjamin (1778) and Levi were born there. Later, John lived in Wilkes County, GA, and was a Lt. in the Home Guard in 1803. He bought land in Clinton, GA, in 1807 and sold it to Benjamin in 1811 (the deed names Margaret as the wife of John Jr.).

Fifth Generation
Benjamin Todd Sr
Born 1778,Rowan Co.,N.C.
Died Jan 10,1855,Jones Co.,Ga

Married on 1798:1st: Rebecca Montgomery Born 1777---Died Sept 14,1839

2nd Wife: Charity Kilby on July 13 1841,Jones Co.,Ga--no children where born of this marriage


1)John B. Todd--Born 1799 and married Elizabeth Green on Oct 12,1819
2)Mary Todd--Born 1800 married Joseph Green on Nov 18,1823
3)William L. Todd--Born 1804 married Charity Coleman on Dec 6,1827
4)Susannah Todd--Born 1806 married Richard Buckner on Oct 17,1820
5)Rebecca Todd--Born 1812 married Thomas Vencent on Jan 17,1833
6)Elizabeth Todd--Born 1814 married Reason Buckner
7)Benjamin Allen Todd Jr.--Born 1817 married Elizabeth Buckner on Dec 7,1837 in Monroe Co.Ga

Benjamin Todd may have held land in Clinton, Jones Co GA, but he settled in the area known as Devils Half Acre, which straddled the Putnam and Jones border, right in the very heart of "Uncle Remus Country". As late as the 1980s the brick-lined basement of the house he built there was still extant. Benjamin outlived all three of his sons, finally dying at the age of 75 after being struck by a falling tree. Clues from Benjamin's will and the Georgia Land Lottery lists give evidence that all seven of Benjamin's children had children of their own, but only the following are known to this researcher currently:

Green/Greer? Although John B. Todd's wife is noted as Elizabeth Green in the Williams book, a family bible kept by Nora Jurney has the following notations: Elizah Greer died January 5, 1838 Elizabeth M. Greer died March 9, 1833 Ann B. Greer died June 4th 1831 Elisha Greer is noted right after John B. Todd on an Putnam County tax list. (The Union Hill community straddles the border between Jones and Putnam, and its border seemed to have a somewhat flexible quality in the early years.) Another piece of evidence is that John and Elizabeth are keeping a five year old girl named Rebecca Greer in 1850, the final letter clearly being an "r". At least three of John B. Todd's sons served in the Confederate forces. Elijah enlisted 4 Mar 1862, as a private in Co. F 45th Georgia Volunteers, "the Gray Infantry" (also known as Co B 12th GA Vol), and was eventually appointed Sargent. He died of Gastritis in General Hospital at Camp Winder, Richmond VA 10/3/1863, and was buried in Hollywood Cemetery.

Sixth Generation
Benjamin Allen Todd, Jr
Born--1817,Jones Co.,Ga
Died--Jan.,1843,Jones Co.,Ga
1)Allen Jackson Todd--Born Feb 15,1843 Died--Feb 3,1929.

Seventh Generation
Allen Jackson Todd
Born--Feb 15,1843.Putnam Co.,Ga
Died--feb 3,1929,Houston Co.,Ga
Married:1st: Sallie King on Jan 24.1865
1)Mary Lu Todd--born feb 4,1867,died--Inf.
2)Lizzie Rebecca Todd--born July 22,1868.died--Inf.
3)Ophelia Todd--Born Aug 27,1869.died--Inf.
4)John Benjamin Todd--born Oct 31,1871.died Dec 11,1909
5)Ida Todd--born Jan 28,1873.died--Inf.
6)George Allen Todd--born Feb 25,1874.died--Inf.
7)Joe Hanan Todd--born Aug 28,1875.died Jan 20,1961
8)Eula Todd--born June 8,1877.died unknown.Married Dawson Phillips.
9)Emanuel Richard Todd--born March 16,1879.died Feb 6,1938.
10)Alfred Jackson Todd--born Jan 26,1881.died July 12,1938
11)Ethel Todd--born April 17,1885.died unknown.Married Clifford Farr.
12)William Clifford Todd (Willie C.)--born Sept 3,1886.died Nov 24,1966
2nd Wife:Elizabeth Barfield-married on March 10,1907

Children: 1)Allene Barfield Todd--born Feb 13,1908.died unknown

Eighth Generation
William Cliffod Todd (Willie C)
Born-- Sept 3,1886,Sumter Co.,Ga(Americus)
Died--Nov26,1966,Jones Co.,Ga
Married Mabel Barker--Born--1892 date married-- 1910 in Houston Co.,Ga
----------------------------------------------------- Children:
1)Jimmie Lawrence Todd,Sr.--Born--Jan 8,1912--Died--unknown
2)John Pierpoint Morgan Todd--Born Nov 15,1916.Died--May 21,1953 at (Lawson Gen.Hosp.,Atlanta,Ga.)
Ninth Generation
John Pierpoint Morgan Todd (J.P.)
Born Nov 15,1916--Died May 21,1953.At (Lawson Gen. Hosp.,Atlanta,Ga
Married: Marie Sumlin
Children: 1)Robert Morgan Todd (Bobby)-Born July 12,1936
2)Franklin Cliffod Todd--Born July 13,1939
3)William Henry Todd (Bill)--Born June 5,1942
4)Phillip Ray Todd--Born sept 5,1944,
5)Betty Louise Todd--Born Sept 11,1947
6)Linda Sue Todd--Born Nov 21,1952
7)Donnie Lamar Todd (Mc)Born Aug 7,1953
Tenth Generation
Betty Louise Todd
Born--Sept 11,1947,Bibb Co.,Ga Harry &Evelyn Wertman of Jones Co.,Ga

Married:Vernon D. Sinclair,Sr.,Feb 8,1968
1)Veron D. Sinclair,Jr.Born--Aug 8,1960,Bibb Co.,Ga
2)Ron Kevin Sinclair-Born--Nov 11,1962,Bibb Co.,Ga
3)Sherri Lynn Sinclair-Born--Nov 30,1967,Bibb Co.,Ga
Married (1 James Edward May one child born of marriage
Joseph Daniel May Born July 5 1989
Sherri and Uknown had one childCourtney Marie Sinclair Born 1991
Sherri then married 2)Pedro Pablo Palma out of this marriages two children where born
Reberto Miguel Palma Born 1992
Cristina Rene'e Palma Born 1997
4)Sherron Faye Sinclair-Born--Dec 30,1972-Married Lee Wylie Tullos on March 16.1991.
Children: Jessica M Tullos born nov