Steph’s page: The Best Torkelsons Web Page EVER!! THE TORKELSONS UN-OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY!! Meet Millicent Torkelson (Connie Ray), a kind, pretty and single mother with five children and a friendly boarder living in the basement. She knows how to handle anything, even her oldest daughter at 14 years of age, Dorothy Jane Torkelson (Olivia Burnette) who thinks she’s ready for romance. She turns to the man in the moon for advice for she can’t turn to her own mother! Some times her family embrarasses her but she doesn’t want to tell them that! (Although she lets it slip in one episode!) And when her younger brother Steven Floyd (Aaron Michael Metchik) gets his first kiss before she does, oh, boy is she mad! But Steven Floyd doesn’t care, he likes bugging her! Steven Floyd likes to play it rough and tough, he likes to walk on the wild side and get in trouble. Nothing like Ruth Anne (Anna Slotky)! Ruth Anne likes watching her siblings get into trouble! But if she gets in trouble, that’s not fair of course! She likes to play the tuba, but no one wants to hear it. Don’t tell her this, but she’s not to good at it! Chuckie Lee (Lee Norris) is the little boy who takes after his older brother- but not too much! He is the kind who will stand up for what he believes in/wants even if it means getting in trouble for! Mary Sue (Rachel Duncan) is the sweet, cute little innocent one. The one who always drags around her doll, you know? Now this leaves me to talk about Wesley ‘Boarder’ Hodges (William Schalert) the friendly boarder who lives in the basement of The Torkelsons house. Millicent invited Wesley to live in the basement with them so that he could help pay the rent (which goes to show how kind Millicent is!). So there’s the Biography of the Torkelsons. So if you ever happen to be in the area of Pyramid Corners, Oklahoma, why not pay a visit to the family at the edge of town in the big old house. Would you like to listen to one of Wesley’s stories or Ruth Anne’s song on the tuba? Or have a cup of coffee or tea with Millicent? What about talking to the man in the moon with Dorothy Jane? Or playing it cool with Steven Floyd? Or sharing a few jokes with Chuckie Lee? Maybe have a chat with Kirby (You know he’ll be there)? Or else you might rather play dolls with Mary Sue? What ever the reason is, be sure to drop in on the fun family: The Torkelsons! Times are tough for the family, but they’ll get through, easy or hard! AN ALMOST HOME UN-OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY!! In the little cozy house of the Morgans, you can be sure to find chaos where Brian Morgan (Perry King), single father of two children live. His two children sometimes are very annoying, but every family is like that- aren’t they? Gregory Morgan (Jason Marsden), who is Brian’s son, likes to flirt with girls. His only sibling- his sister Molly Morgan (Brittany Murphy)-thinks that he is sick the way he hits on girls. Regardless, he keeps on doing it! Molly likes boys, so Gregory wonders why it’s so bad that he does it to girls!? Okay, Okay, let’s get off the sick subject. Molly isn’t too good, but that’s all right. She is a girl who does real badly in school, so sometimes to get off of her fathers case, she cheats. Next we have to turn to Millicent Torkelson who is still trying to take care of three of her children AND now she also is a nanny for the Brian Morgan kids. Dorothy Jane despises Molly when she cheats off of her and tricks her into things to get her own way. But Molly- yes, even Molly- can be nice and fun sometimes. But that’s not what Chuckie Lee thinks! He likes scaring her with the snake that he found one day, and he also likes bugging her. Mary Sue is like Chuckie Lee’s twin or something! And so there you have it, the Almost Home Un-Official Biography. So stop in sometime to the busy Morgan House, and join the chaos party! ***Both Un-Official Biography’s of the Torkelsons and Almost Home were made up intirely by Stephanie, who is also the creator of this page! From, Stephanie.*** Click on your favourite picture and meet The Torkelsons, though your computer speakers! Don't believe it? Try it yourself! Episodes by title: 9/21/91-6/13/921. "Fence Neighbours" 2. "The Cotillion" 3. "A Kiss is Still a Kiss" 4. "For Love or Money" 5. "Poetry in Motion" 6. "An American Almost in Paris" 7. "Men Don't Leave" 8. "Thanksgiving-something" 9. "Return to Sender" 10. "I Fought the Law" 11. "A Sigh Is Just a Sigh" 12. "Educating Millicent" 13. "Double Date" 14. "The Ice Princess" 15. "Swear Not By the Moon" 16. "Say Uncle" 17. "The Long Goodbye" 18. "The Egg and I" 19. "Its My Party" 20. "Aunt Poison" Guest Stars: By Actor only! Ernie Lively, Richard McGonagle, Lynn Milgrim, Jeanine Jackson, Gil Roscoe, Skip O'Brien, Tanya Fenmore, Alyson Kiperman, Nicki Vannice, Katie Jane Johnston, Jeff McCracken, Doren Fein, Suzie Plakson, Lenny Wolpe, Gregg Henry, Michael Horse, Remy Ryan, Patty Duke, Ashley Peldon, Dave Florek, Stephen Root, Ken Thorley, Molly McClure, Lou Hancock, Kevin Clash "Elmo", John Calvin, Omri Katz, Mother Love, Amy Hathaway, Scott Cambell, Rachel O'Neill, Rick Lieberman, Vinessa Shaw, Shawn Phelan, Danuel Pipoly, Ian Bohen, Drew Carey, Sara Rose Johnson, Adam Wylie, Noah Christopher, Kelsea & Kassandra Gibbs, Alanna Ubach, Nick Ayers, Steven Gilborn, Wayne Tippit and Patrick Reilly. COME ONE! COME ALL! TO... THE TORKELSONS PUBLIC CLUB HOUSE! Click HERE to vote for this page as a Starting Point Hot Site. title of your page ............... ...............
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