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STUDENT BODIES RULES! Here are some pics of the best show ever! Click on a picture to listen to the theme song (the voice at the end is me)! Student Bodies Logo Cody Chris Romeo Morgan Grace Mags Emily Victor Flash Mags&Emily Fishbomb?!?!?! What are those two doing here? Here are some episodes: Episode 1: The Pilot Emily Roberts is new to Edison High, and is introduced to Cody, Chris, and Mags as her new group assignment partners. While another group of students produces a video tribute to class bombshell Morgan, Emily discovers Cody's cartooning talent, and suggests that as their new project topic, but Cody doesn't want his talents seen by anyone else. The group decides to go behind Cody's back and make his drawings their project. Chris, seeing a way to make some money, prints up hundreds of copies of Cody's comic -- the first edition of "Student Bodies". Cody is appalled at having his artwork about the school (despite the fact that his name isn't even on it), and so is the vice principal Mrs. Morton. When she discovers who the authors of the comic are, she forbids them to make another. But a reminder from Emily about 'freedom of speech', the comic is allowed to live.. for the time being. Episode 2 : The Bully Chris shows Emily a drawing Cody made of the school bully, Nick. When Nick sees the drawing he thinks Chris drew it and stuffs him into a garbage can. Morgan notices and tells Chris that he doesn't have the guts to stand up to Nick. The next day Chris rigs Nick's chair to collapse when Nick sits down. Victor tells the bully that it was Chris, and Nick reminds Chris of his appointment with doom that afternoon. But by afternoon, Chris is nowhere to be found, instead a new girl, Trixie, appears and bears a striking resemblance to Chris. Nick asks Trixie out, and is enraged when he finds out that Trixie is Chris, and threatens him and Cody. Emily and Mags appear with the video camera, and they exchange the tape of Nick, Trixie(Chris) and Cody, for Cody and Chris' safety. Episode 3 : A Date With Morgan Morgan tells Chris she needs his help and asks if he's free on Friday night. Chris, tongue tied and smitten, agrees to pick her up at 7:30. Chris is so pumped about his 'date' with Morgan, that he asks Flash to come and take pictures at a posh French restaurant, he enlists Romeo to write a romantic love song, and hires a gorilla-gram to deliver chocolates and flowers to Morgan in English class. Chris' friends are a bit skeptical about the date, so Cody asks Morgan, who tells him that Chris is getting her out of the house so she can go meet her real boyfriend. When Cody tells Morgan that Chris thinks they are dating, Morgan tries to tell Chris differently but he won't listen, and even hires a limo for their date. When Chris and Morgan arrive at their restaurant, with Flash, Romeo, and Morgan's 20-something boyfriend Kyle are waiting, Chris is dumbfounded to find out that Morgan really was just using him to get her out of the house. But all in all, by the end, his evening didn't really turn out to be a total disaster, thanks to Flash! Episode 4 : Disco Cody There's a "Back to School" dance at Edison High, and Chris asks Kim to be his date, and her friend Alison to be Cody's date. Cody is stunned. First because he has no idea what Alison looks like, and secondly because he can't dance! Romeo suggests that Chris teach Cody, and Chris promises if he can't teach Cody, he'll cancel the date. So Chris, Mags, Romeo, and Emily all try to teach Cody to dance. Then a beautiful girl comes in an introduces herself as Alison. Now Cody is fascinated and really wants to learn to dance. But Emily isn't that thrilled once she finds out how much Cody likes the other girl. So with a half hour before his date is supposed to start, Emily is teaching Cody to dance. When a slow song comes on, Cody and Emily dance closely, looking into each others eyes. Later at the dance, while dancing with Alison, Cody finds that he really isn't looking at Alison, but across the room at Emily, and she's looking back. Episode 5 : Scheming Victor Things aren't going smoothly in the newspaper office at Edison High. Victor has set booby-traps everywhere. Because they share the same office space as the "Student Voice", the staff of "Student Bodies" never know what is going to happen when the try to use certain supplies. A stapler incident sets off an alarm and a shoving match ensues. Mrs. Norton intervenes, and always ready to take Victor's side, tells the group that any further incidents will leave "Student Bodies" with a broom closet for an office. So the "Student Bodies" team devise their own trap by making Victor think they've put booby traps of their own -- but they haven't. They just sit back and watch as Victor get's paranoid and becomes suspicious of everything, and manages to destroy a birthday cake that he thinks is a smoke bomb -- only it really is a birthday cake -- from Mrs. Norton. Mrs. Norton decides that a fit punishment would be to leave Victor in the same office as the "Student Bodies". Episode 6 : All Hallow's Eve Mags cousin Patrick asks Grace, to the Hallowe'en dance, and Mags, Cody and Emily scramble to do damage control before a klutzy catastrophe happens! Chris, however, talks Bob into filming Grace and Patrick at the dance to show as a 'disaster' movie to the school -- for a profit of course. Meanwhile, Emily wants Cody to go to the dance, but he refuses and winds up insulting her. Then in English class, while reading parts from a play, the two end up in a yelling match in front of the class as they continue their quarrel. Grace overhears Emily and Mags calling her a klutz, Mags ducks out, but Emily stays to apologize to Grace, and offer to 'de-klutzify' her in time for he dance. Grace just can't be helped, so Emily and her friends decide their best course of action is to go to the dance, and protect Patrick! Despite their attempts to keep the two apart, Grace and Patrick dance, resulting in Patrick being knocked out. When he comes too, Grace is ready for rejection, but Patrick admits how he loves the excitement of knowing that when he's with Grace he could be killed at any moment! Episode 7 : Mags' Dark Side No one seems to appreciate Mags' fashion column, and this seriously interferes with her dreams of stardom! But someone does notice -- Victor -- who is always looking for a weakness in the "Student Bodies" team. Victor attempts to woo Mags by offering her the job of Style Editor on "The Student Voice". With the help of Flash, Victor's flattery and persistence pays off, and Mags crosses to the other side of the newspaper office. As part of her new job, Victor asks her to write an expose on "Student Bodies". Things on "Student Bodies" start to fall apart as everyone realizes how much Mags did. Later Cody overheard Victor tell Flash that he's just using Mags to get her expose on the others. Cody wars Mags, but she doesn't believe him... at first. When Mags realizes what Victor is doing, she outsmarts him, and goes back to "Student Bodies", and to her real friends. Episode 8 : Cody For Prez Edison High will be in dire peril if Victor becomes School President! He's already threatened to shut down "Student Bodies" if he wins, and when the only other candidate who might win against Victor drops out, Chris shanghais Cody into running. Emily becomes his campaign manager, and Mags and Grace talk opinion polls, and promise dates to get guys to vote for Cody. The girls even present Cody with a secret weapon to get the girls' votes -- a leather jacket. The only other candidate, Stevie Blum, is soo meek that he just wants to be able to get 1 vote. Later, at a debate, Victor and Cody battle it out, and when Stevie finally gets a chance to speak, he says he has his 'one vote' -- and suddenly Morgan appears and says that she could never go out with any guy who didn't vote for Stevie. It's a landslide victory for Stevie! Episode 9 : Tutor's Pet The Biology mid-term is tomorrow, and Horace, JJ and TJ all beg Emily to tutor them so they can pass and stay on the football team. The tutoring session is hopeless, so Romeo suggests that Emily use music to help the jocks learn better. Grace and Mags help her out by teaching the jocks about photosynthesis to the tune of "My Girl". During the test, the jocks get up to do a dance step from the song, and finish writing the exam. Then, when the marks are posted, they find out they've passed! Out of gratitude, the decide to worship Emily. They carry her books, her knapsack, and her to class! They follow her everywhere and want to do everything for her. Grace reminds her of the Golden Rule for guys -- they couldn't bother Emily if she had a boyfriend! Romeo appears and becomes her pseudo-boyfriend before Cody has a chance to volunteer. The plan works, but Cody is going crazy from jealousy, watching Romeo and Emily together! But when the jocks see Romeo sweet talking some other girls, they think he is two-timing their goddess Emily, and Emily has to do some fast talking to keep Romeo in one piece! Episode 10 : Monsieur Cody An exchange student comes to Edison High and Chris is saddled with being a host. That's before he discovers Chantal is from France and is very pretty! Cody and the guys can't help but envy him! The only problem? Chris doesn't speak French, and Chantal doesn't speak English! So he drags Cody (who knows some French) out on their date. But Chantal thinks Cody is speaking for himself and not for Chris, and gives Cody a huge kiss that Flash just happens to catch on film! Now Chris is mad at Cody, Emily is not impressed with the photo, and Cody has to clear things up with Chantal! Episode 11 : Mags' Birthday Mags doesn't get the lead in "West Side Story" and nobody understands why she is so devastated. Cody finds her alone, and she tells him that she made a pact with herself that she'd be 'somebody' by the time she was sixteen, and that her time had run out. Her birthday is on Friday and she's still a 'nobody'. Mags gets more depressed as every one else is getting recognition -- Emily wins $200.00 for an essay she wrote, Romeo's band might get a record contract -- but Mags can only get a minor part in the school play. Cody finally tells Emily why Mags is upset, so Emily decides to throw a surprise party for Mags on Friday night. Meanwhile Mags gets herself a gig on friday night, and Cody can't tell Mags, and he can't tell Emily because she spent all her prize money on Mags' party. But the surprise party is still a surprise when Mags shows up to the party -- in a bunny suit from her 'gig'! Episode 12 : The Christmas Concert Ms. Phipps has assigned the play 'Cyrano de Bergerac' to the group and Emily is the only one who's ever read it. Ms. Phipps asks for volunteers to act it out, and Emily is quickly chosen to play Roxanne. Cody, not willing to miss an opportunity with Emily, volunteers to be Cyrano, as does Romeo. When asked to choose between Cyrano and Christian, Cody chooses Cyrano on Chris' advice. Only Cody soon learns that Cyrano has a huge nose, and that Christian gets the girl! At the rehearsal, Chris, Emily and Cody all quarrel, while Mags and Grace work on costumes and the set. Halfway through the next rehearsal, Cody refuses to give Romeo the cue that leads up to his kiss with Emily, and by the end, Cody and Romeo draw their swords and prepare to duel! Ms. Phipps is furious! Chris begs Cody to behave, and assuming he's lost Emily to Romeo, Cody delivers Cyrano's speach with passion and honesty that surprises everyone, including Emily! She rushes past Romeo, knocking over the scenery, grabs Cody, and kisses him! Episode 13 : Cyrano De Edison What a way to start Christmas! Not even a Jingle Bell is left after cutbacks to the Music Department. Even worse, Victor leaks a memo from Mrs. Norton saying that both newspapers could be cut back next! Mags insists that a Christmas miracle is possible, if everyone works together to raise money. Everyone joins together -- even Victor -- to put on a Christmas concert and raffle. Chris makes a deal with Dino to let them use the Station for free for their concert. Everyone is in a good mood, except Emily, who confides to Cody that Christmas just makes her miss all the friends she's left behind in all her moves. Eventually the whole event comes together, and the music department is saved. Later, Cody finds Emily backstage, and gives her a gift -- a compass -- so she will always find a way back to her friends. -->

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