A Tribute to my Friend Danielle

Danielle is one of the coolest of the cool. D- Danielle A- A really nice person N- Never mean!!!!! I- I can't think of anyone who is anything like her! E- Everyone needs a friend like Danielle. L- Laughter L- Lots of fun! E- Everyone likes Danielle. I just made that up right now. Here is a friendship poem. This goes out to all of my friends; including Danielle. Friends Through happiness, through pain, During sunshine and rain, Whether were far, or near, Ill always be here. In your mind, in your heart, Well never be apart, Just remember one thing, Always think of me. Well always be together, For now and forever, For all of eternity, Friends forever- you and me. Danielle, always remember that I will be here for you, whenever you need me. Your friend forever, Stef. (P.S. Danielle, I hope you like the cursor!!!) -->

My Favourite Things about Danielle


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