Apply for my Award!”> My smile award is new. After recieving and applying for awards on the web I realize that most website award criteria's include 'You MUST sign my guestbook'. And yes, I thought about that but what is the point when if you weren't going to sign the guestbook in the first place then it won't really mean anything and it's just more work for the webmaster every time someone applies. Now, I really would appreciate it if you would sign my dreambook but it is not a must and everyone has an equal chance whether they signed it or not. Also, this award will be easy to win because you only need two out of three correct of the criteria listed below. Until I get a form, or if after I get it you don't support forms, please just email me with your sites name, address, whether it is related in any way to pornography, your name&email address, the best part about your page and if you offer an award or not. Thanks again and good luck!

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