About Me

Please don't fall asleep while reading about me! :-)

Well lets see now, me. Boring me. Well, as you are just about to read, I have some friends I would like to say a big hi to Jenn, Amanda, SarahK&B&S, Karla, Mal, Ema Lea, Katie, Jill, DanielleG&P, Sasha, Steph T., ChrisM, Karli&Chris&Shannon and my family. I can't 4get my AWSOME net pals; JT, Phil, Nicola, liza, Joel, Rajah. I love the internet and anything do do with outside. I ADORE running and playing sports, but sitting on my computer, typing away as fast as I can, trying to make my pages interesting, is just as fun. I like using symbols. Oh and another thing, ICQ. I live on ICQ. My number is 15737236 and I know it off by heart. That's where I got most of my net friends from and also where I go to talk to people. I love to talk, so I guess that's where I get the chatting over the net phase from. I also LOVE to write. I write stories. I write poems. That's what I want to do for a living. Go to my stories page and you can request a story. Anyways, I'll cya later ok? Bye! Luv ya tonz, love frum your friend 4eva, Stef a.k.a. }{K˧^|^


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