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Tillandsia Information Page

by Rainforest at the Ward Warehouse

This page will be an ongoing photographic illustration of the selection process of what it takes to create, select and grow hybrid adeniums. The site will feature clones that may not be currently in the trade, so therefore names given or used here are used exclusively for this site. Whether duplication of such names already in use is purely coincidental and in no way imply that these names are solely accurate. A system governing cultivar and hybrid registration is seriously needed and long over due.

Gallery of Tillandsias

From a massed group of matured blooming sedlings, selections for better reds are chosen. About less than 1% of total grown to maturity will ever be kept back for breeding.

One of the seedling selection chosen for its bright whitish center over a dark red base color.

Another seedling selected for its dark clear reds. Note variation of this and previous flower from the same hybrid grex.

And one chosen for its large size of its flowers.

An excellent colored seedling selection with large showy flowers.

Another line for dark red color, this one just kept for its shape and overall qualities.

Dark red clone seedling. Might be superior to Weiss Ruby. Will keep another dark red just in case.

This is the darkest red from this grex. Unfortunately the shape in too tubular. Further crossing with any of its previous selected siblings might yield wider, more broad petaled selections in the next generation.

Selections for White Flowers

A choice white seedling with good size and general shape.

Another white seedling.

A white with a slight pink blush. Good size bloom.

Another white with thin edge.

Adenium Snowbell, a standard white where future whites are judged against.

More and more whites are surfacing in the trade (as predicted in earlier transcripts on and soon more colors and forms will surface as well. A new area of selections for variegated forms are now being selected and propagated for collectors. There should be more and more clones surfacing in the next year alone. Sporting in Adeniums are as frequent as bougainvilleas and most other highly cultivated plants.

Adenium swazicum variegata. A beauty with large flowers and attractive margined foliage.

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