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When you get caught between the moon and New York City...

Page created: 29 July 1999
Last updated: 20 May 2001

All right, I know that people are getting antsy for everything that I planned to put up on this page. All that I can say is that this summer, I'll get working on it. For right now, I'll leave the old links on this page, and say that I fully intend to re-do this place over the summer. :)

That's all for now...lots of stuff to do in a VERY little time life has turned very odd lately, so don't mind me...

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UPDATE*** Other lyrics that aren't Broadway can be found here. I'm trying to shorten my index page...


Other Broadway songs are now located here.

WARNING: These links contain full length musical librettos. Therefore, some of the content may be offensive to some who read it. By clicking on one of these links, you recognize that in the world of theatre, life isn't always perfect and the harsher side of life is sometimes portrayed.

  • My Rent page
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Miss Saigon
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Les Miserables
  • Into The Woods
  • Evita
  • The Secret Garden

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