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Having Multiples?? Wow, I bet you are happy, worried, scared to death, and trying to let it all sink it, right? Well, ask us your questions and we will add them here with the best advice we can find. Having multiples is a wonderful thing but in the beginning stages it helps to have some support. We are here for you:)
This is our advice column. I have received many questions for advice and I've tried my very best to do some research and find the best advice possible. I have also obtained advice from other readers which I have included. If you have tips or advice, please send them in. (note--this advice does not take the place of getting a medical opinion if needed.) I hope you find this advice helpful and informative.
Hope you enjoy--and hope you find what you're looking for!! If not, ask us a question and we will try to help. Happy Parenting!!!!

Created 10/21/98--Updated 6/2008


NOW WHAT????????

Q: Is it ok to put my new twins in the same crib?
A: Twins are generally quite tiny when you bring them home. It is common for twins to share a crib in the first few months because they fit nicely laying sideways. This means instead of laying from the head of the crib, place your swaddled babies with their heads pointing to one side of the crib. This makes it easy when you are checking on them. They eventually need more room. You will know when they need their own crib, so be sure to have one ready.
Q: How will I make it through the night with two crying babies?
A: Believe it or not, your body will do what needs to be done even when you are sleep deprived. The main things to remember are: 1) be sure to take a nap when they are napping. 2) try to get them on the same schedule so you can nap with them. Do this by waking one to eat if the other wakes up. It sounds like work but it will give you a chance to rest. 3)Do not start the habit of sleeping with them in your bed. Get them used to sleeping on their own, otherwise you will never sleep alone and the fight later on will be worse. If they need to shed a few tears it wont hurt them. Monitor them until they are asleep should they become upset you are not there. 4) allow others to help, even when you do not think they are fit for the job. Your babies will be better for it as they will be used to going with others. This builds relationship skills and social skills. If someone offers you a break, Take it! You will be a happier person for your little ones. 5) just take a deep breath before becoming overwhelmed. Take things one step at a time and remember this is a special time in your life. They grow so fast. Cherrish the little people in front of you before they are big people in the blink of an eye.
Q: Do multiples get along with their siblings?
A: For the most part, they get along like any siblings would. They argue, bicker, and will also stick up for one another if need be. Every relationship is different, but no matter what, they will always share a great bond.
Q: Should multiples be in the same class at school?
A: This is another hot topic. It would depend on the children and their personalities. It is good to build their own social skills, friends, and confidence. Some twins are put together from the beginning and show a real need for one another. It is a good idea to start them off in seperate classes. See how they react with other children on their own. Let them make friends. By fourth grade, you might be able to put them in the same class. By now they should not be dependant on one another and it would help when you want to participate in class activities. It is hard to split yourself up between classes. Tolerate it for them for the first few years.
Q: At what age should I start my baby on a sippie cup?
A: Babies who are eating solids (babyfood), usually at about 6 months of age, should start getting a try at sipping from a cup. This will give them plenty of time to get the hang of it by or before their 1st birthday.

Q: How can I get rid of "cradle cap"?
A: "Cradle Cap" is so common in newborns. It usually disappears on it's own in the first two months, but to help it along, you can use alittle baby oil. Rub the oil to loosen up the dry skin. Then give your baby a bath and use the washcloth to gently remove the loose skin. Don't worry about this too much-- it isn't serious and it takes care of itself--and it is very common.

Q: How can I tell if my infant is sick?
A: The most important thing is taking your babies temp. A rectal temperature is the most reliable. Also look for change in mood, such as, over sleeping, not eating as much as usual, excessive crying, diareaha, vomitting, cough, tugging at ear, runny nose. They can't tell us that they are sick so we really need to look for the signs.

Q: How do I know if my baby has colic?
A: Usually, babies who have colic cry more than usual, pass gas a lot, crunch their legs up while crying, and don't sleep well at night. Daily irritability is a sure sign of colic, your doctor can tell you for sure.

Q: How do you treat colic?
A: There is no sure fire way to treat colic, but there are things that you can do. Possibly changing a baby's formula to a soy or easily digested type may help. Your doctor can reccommend what might be best for your baby's needs and may even give you samples. Also, there are a few brands of gas relief drops which are safe and may help with your baby's tummy pain.

Q: My baby is prone to getting diaper rash. What can I do?
A: Diaper rash is so common and it doesn't have to be a result from something you are doing (or think you are not doing). If a baby has frequent bowel movements the acid in the stool may be triggering this rash. Be sure to coat your baby's bottom with a diaper rash cream at each changing. Even when a rash is not evident. This will help to protect baby's skin and avoid a rash. Getting a rash under control is sometimes difficult too. Try soaking your baby in a luke warm bath for only a few minutes and leave baby out of the diaper to let the air get to the diaper area. Try a diaper with a cloth like design to allow the air to flow through. Keeping baby dry is most important. As always, be vigilant when changing and also when cleaning the diaper area.

Q: I have 7 month old twins and they eat at the same time. Is it safe to use the same spoon when feeding?
A: Many will disagree on this subject, but after speaking with a pediatrician and having twins myself, I have found that it is much easier for everyone if you use the same spoon. When one baby gets sick, it is only a matter of time before the other one gets it too. So, as my doctor put it, "it would be better to have both babies with a cold for 1 week, than have one baby sick one week and the other for another week". You have to consider what is easier for you and what makes you comfortable. There will always be opinions that differ from yours. So take them with a grain of salt and form your own:)