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About Us

Hello and welcome to We have created this website to give online support to parents of multiples. It helps to talk to others who know what you are going through. My name is Christina and I have 10 y/o b/g twins. I first began an online group in 1998 shortly after my twins were born. I needed to talk to other adults but not may people around me really understood. So I created a website and the guestbook flourished. I saw that others needed to have that support as much as I did. I started an email group and we had members from all around the world. Boy was that exciting! Before I knew it, those that were able to travel gathered around at a member's home in northern NJ. It was unbelievable to actually meet many of the members. It almost felt like a convention. As our multiples grew older, the need for the support seemed to diminish and the group was gone.

I still received many emails and hits on my website, even though I was no longer an active participant. I realized that there will be a forever running loop of new parents of multiples who need that support as much as I once did. I decided to delve into this a bit further and offer this support for those who need it and open it up to those of us who can offer advice through our experiences.

Again, I welcome you to your new online family. Please join in and reap the benefits this group can offer. It can really get you through the insane moments you may experience. Believe me, I know:)

Multiple Love,


My Twins 1st picture 1998