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Tall Ship Ale Company
"Included In Canada's Top Ten Innovative Breweries - 1998"
"Their No. 1 Barley Wine is well named; easily the best of its style in the country."
Stephen Beaumont, "Wine Tidings", May, 1998.

Premium quality "high gravity" Bottle Conditioned beers were the specialty of the Tall Ship Ale Company. These labour intensive strong ales and barley wines were hand-crafted by Brewer Bill, from milling the grain, to operating the forklift that hoists the beer into an awaiting truck. This small micro-brewery was located at the head of Howe Sound, in the town of Squamish, midway between Vancouver and Whistler. An on-site Beer Store offered scheduled tours.


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+501163 Tall Ship Raspberry Cream Ale
(8% alc/vol) 4(6x.355ml)
From the height of six meters, Brewer Bill hand pours 80 kgs of fresh pureed raspberries into a fermenter holding what is to become Raspberry Cream Ale, a refreshing specialty beer, ideal for summer enjoyment. The secondary fermentation produces a balanced, dry, copper-coloured ale with a slight pink cast, especially in the head. No artificial colour, flavours or sugars are added to this all-natural beer.
OG. 1.080
LDB Display Price: $14.40ea. plus dep. Licensee Price: $12.45ea. plus dep.

+501171 Tall Ship India Pale Ale
(8.5% alc/vol) 4(6x.355ml)
This strong, all-malt, highly-hopped ale is Brewer Bill's favourite ale to bring home after a long day of brewing. Tall Ship's India Pale Ale is based on the export beer shipped from England to India during the 19th century. Generous amounts of imported East-Kent Goldings hops lend their rich flavour and aromatic floral nose, while Chinook hops provide bittering. An extended aging period combined with dry-hopping give this high gravity beer a clean and complex hoppy character.
OG. 1.080
LDB Display Price: $14.40ea. plus dep. Licensee Price: $12.45ea. plus dep.

+501189 Russian Imperial Stout
(9.5 % alc. vol) 4(6x.355ml)
To complete the spectrum of Tall Ship Ales, Brewer Bill created a strong stout made with black barley and dry-hopped with Kent Goldings. During the 19th century, Russian Imperial Stout was developed for export from England to Russia, where it was the preferred ale of the Imperial Court of Russia and Russian hospitals. This is a big, black, and hoppy beer with a rich, robust flavour enhanced with the addition of fireweed honey.
OG 1.100
LDB Display Price: $15.00ea. plus dep. Licensee Price: $12.95ea. plus dep.

+683607 Tall Ship No.1 Barley Wine Ale
(11.25 % alc. vol) 24x.355ml
This extra strong ale took over one year for Brewer Bill to produce and will last for many years if stored in cool, dark conditions. Brewed with Pale Barley Malt, East-Kent hops, single-strain yeast and water; the flavour is reminiscent of Port, but is 100% "Real Ale". Barley Wine is referred to as "Old Ale" when served from a keg. The Tall Ship Ale Company is the first western Canadian micro-brewery in the LDB's history to release a Barley Wine for general distribution. The success of the 1995 vintage in the LDB Winter Beer Programme has led to this second offering; this time the aromatic qualities of fireweed honey.
OG. 1.115
LDB Display Price: $4.20ea. plus dep. Licensee Price: $3.56ea. plus dep.

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