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has parted.

The band that was eucharist has broken up. Eucharist was a great band with alot of great people in it. The band really wasn't progressing as far as willingness to play shows or just the overall dedication. Most of the members would like to do music as a living and feel that the way the band is going now is just holding them back.

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STACEY-vocals going to take a break from music for a while and be a permanent caliph groupie. She was in tengallonjug, desperation, thisfirewithin, and the flamming nabraska gear heads. She may look for another band later.

MATT-bass already in a ska band called 13TH TRIBE and is in the flamming nabraska gear heads on the side. He used to be in SARAH'S CHILD. He is doing a new band with Derek if you play drums or sing e-mail Matt.

CHAZ-guitar going to sing with a metal band called CALIPH and later move to guitar. He was in tengallonjug, desperation, thisfirewithin, turquoise midget, and still does the flamming nabraska gear heads on the side.

DEREK-guitar going to start another band maybe with Matt. I will keep that updated. He was in thisfirewithin.

JEREMY-drums not seriously persuing a music career, but maybe later? He was in thisfirewithin.