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SOS - Live!
Love Letters from the Society of Seven


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For further information, call or write to:

Society of Seven

2335 Kalakaua Avenue · Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

(808) 923-0711


For show reservations (at the Outrigger Main Showroom) call:

(808) 922-6408 or (808) 923-SHOW

[Main Page] | [Profiles] | [Music and Video] | [Links] | [Picture Album] | [Collectables]

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From Webmaster: A Note to visitors - this is not an officially-maintained site in the strictest sense. It is a compilation of the best publically available information about Society of Seven known as of the date of your visit here. If you send me e-mail regarding the group, I cannot guarantee forwarding to any of the group members - any communications with the SOS management, or the group members is only through a best-efforts basis by myself. The official point of communications for SOS is the Outrigger Hotel office, not this website.