Something... But we don't know what.

*friday, september 28

So I took a flying leap today and was shot out of the sky. But only because of the business of today's teenager, not because of undesire. So where does that leave me? I guess I shouldn't talk about such personal things on the internet. What's the deal with people who capitalize Internet? (like that) I don't get it. I think in a lot of these I just talk in half-code only some people understand. Which works, because only the few people that would understand are the few people that read this. Lauren (the new girl - she's in my media class) says that internet 'diaries' (I'd personally include this, but I put 'diaries' in single-quotes because it's not really like the other inter-diaries you find out here) are addictive. I guess that makes sense, or I wouldn't visit Cora's, Spanky's and Sara's pages every single day (in that order). Also in media is Mr. Scudder, who says we have to do media projects soon. Which includes making a web page. I seem to be about the only kid in that class who has a webpage. Maybe that just means I'm the biggest nerd in the class. That or that I'm too cool for school. Like that kid in the Vertebrae commercial (which i see all the time on MTV)! Jeeesus, is he hot.

-yes son?
-i want to kill you

For some reason I can't think of anything else to say. I'll say little things before I go, though. First of all, what does it really matter if I have "things" or not? Second of all, Angela is super-nice. Third, ommelettes are great.

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~check ya later

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