**Rusty's Home Page**
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**Rusty's Home Page**

Welcome to my home page. It is kind of new so the paint is still drying.

After many years surviving as a Classical Guitarist, I got a different job. I have been working at the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope for 10 years. The James Clerk Maxwell Telescope is a 15M millimeter/submillimeter radio telescope. I am the guy who actually carries out the observations at the telescope. I work with astronomers from all over the world, assisting them in gathering the data they seek. You'll find a link to the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in the link below labeled Joint Astronomy Centre.

My little Christopher Robin!

I have an assortment of interests. These include the collecting of Bromeliads mainly Tillandsia's. You'll find links to some wonderful Bromeliad pages below. I'm into tropical fish as well. An interest I had when I was a wee lad and rekindeled in my later years. I keep Symphysodon discus which are from the upper Amazon regions. There are some links below that will get you to some great pages.

The Bromeliad Page

The Discus Page

The Guitar Page

Remember there is always another side of the story, so try to find it!!

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Email: luthe@jach.hawaii.edu