Guitars and Stuff
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Guitars and Stuff

OK, I've updated a few links and added another. There is a ton of music related resources out here in cyber-land, some of them are really worth looking at. Others, well you know they are working on them. The name of the Web game is content and there a certainly many music pages out there with that.

Concerning some of the links below, I'd like to say that Steve Grimes is one of the formost archtop guitar builders today. I have known Steve for years and every time I play one of his new creations I am constantly impressed with his artistry. Tom Prisloe is a friend I met many many years ago in Santa Fe New Mexico. At that time he was just starting up his wood business. He was supplying spruce for violin makers, but even then he expressed a desire to become a builder of guitars. I haven't been in touch with Tom for a long time. Then, when surfing the web, I came across his web page. I sent him an e-mail and from there we have become re-acquainted. I have not played any of his guitars, but hope to one day soon.

My present collection of guitars consist of the following:
Robert Ruck classical with a cedar top and rosewood back and sides. Built in 1977
Takamine c-128 My beach guitar
Gibson ES-335 Built in 1979 I bought this baby in a 2nd hand store for $150. New condition.
Gibson Les Paul Artisan This has been fully modified by me with better pickups and MIDI.
Gurian Steel String This is a guitar I've had for a long time. Your basic dreadnaught.
Martin parlor guitar built in 1897. This has been through the mill. Had S. Grimes do some restoration work on it. Sweet!

I also have a home studio built around a Tascam 38 8 track system. I have loads of MIDI stuff and effects. I was once in the repair business, repairing pro-sumer music electronics. I was the service rep for all the major manufacturers. When I started I figured I'd see an amp a month and maybe a keyboard every so often. Boy was I wrong!! I was on Maui at the time and was overwhelmed with work. Within a months time I found I had a full time job. It was a heady time as I was meeting all sorts of 'legends' in the music business, and working at their studios. It turned out that I was the only guy on the island who could do this repair work. Anyway I collected loads of 'stuff' from those days and have it all cramed into my studio. What do I do with it, you ask? I sit in the dark and watch all the pretty lites!

Once there was a way to get back home.....

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