Rusty's Discus Page
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Rusty's Discus Page

This page will have loads of discus stuff on it. I haven't put any here as yet but will in the near future.

For those who are interested, here is what I have at present. I have one Blue Turquoise left after a recent run-away heater incident. I also have four Red Turquoise and a Brown. I got them all, except for the Brown, from Bing Seto. Despite the rumours, discus are easy to keep. They require excellant water and lots of room. If you can give them that, then you can keep discus.

I'd like to thank my wife, without whose help I wouldn't be able to indulge in discus keeping. She does water changes, checks pH and such, while I'm away at work. However, over time I *think* she is growing to like them!

These are a Blue and Red Turqouise. The one on top is Blue and now deceased. Was a beauty!

Once there was a way, to get back home

Some discus links to follow....

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