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Jeremy's Ant Page

Hi my name is Jeremy. I'm 16 years old. I have an ant farm at home and I began to study ants. The average life of an ant that is taken from it's home and put into an ant farm is 4-5 months. Mine lived for 17 months. I keep harvester ants in my ant farm. All the pictures on this page are from the page myrmecology. They are under copyright of the authors and illustrators. If you really like ants you should go to the myrmecology page link on the bottom of the page. You can join myrmecology's mailing list there. I am on the list. Here is my ant page.There is a chat line on the bottom of the page.You can contact me at or leave me an ICQ message at the pager below.When using the pager,dont forget your name and email address. Please join my ant mailing list,also at the bottom.Thanks It has been hard for me to update this page with school and all. I am removing the ICQ contact thing since its been really crowded. I try to make it to the chat room but I can't. The page is still up though. Also, please email me your question the message board, chat room, and guestbook are for comments, complaints, and remarks. Thanks. Visit: to see my more organized page about ants. There will be ANT CHAT every tuesday at 8:00est. Enjoy! You can contact me at or leave me an ICQ message at the pager below.When using the pager,dont forget your name and email address.Also, leave a message on the message board or in the guestbook. Thanks!

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I will start off by telling you the Introduction of Ants..then You can use the links below to continue your ant research.

Introduction to Ants

Ants.They are everywhere.In the house,the backyard,in books,on the internet, and even in the bible.They can lift 50 times their own weight.If we could do that,we will be able to carry a small car.They are amazing creatures,and im going to tell you about them.Check out the links on the bottom of the page for more ant information.

Development of an ant-Learn the stages in a development of an ant.

Learn about the different ants-Different ant species.

Inside and Outside of an ant-Learn about different parts of an ant.

Ant Friends and Enemies-Ant friends and enemies.

Ant help-Contains ant dictonary,messageboard,and chat room.

Mailing List-Ant mailing list.

Links-Ant links,of course.

Contact me here-Click here for ways to contact me.

"Go to the ant,o' sluggard;consider its ways and be wise.Without having any chief,officer,or ruler,it prepares it's food in summer,and gathers it's sustenance in harvest...Proverbs 6:6-8

Special thanks to:


Myrmecology:The Science About Ants.


phillip pi's ant page.


The Ant Book,by Luann Colombo


The Facsinating World of...Ants,by Angels Julivert

I want to thank all the references listed above for either supplying me with ant information or supplying me with the pictures,they helped me out alot!


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