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Student Centred Learning Internet Links

Multiple Intelligences

7 Lessons in Emotional Intelligence
This site is dedicated to the upcoming book of Patrick E. Merlevede combining Neurolinguistics with the research aims of emotional intelligence. Welcome to the quest of finding the secrets of successful people.

Exploring Multiple Intelligences - New Dimensions in Learning
This site seems to be maintained by David Lazear - one of the big names in Multiple Intelligences in Education.  Do yourself a favour - visit this site - extensive reources.

Arts PROPEL is a program which "students experience art processes, including reflection and self-assessment, and begin to think like artists and to value their own art by high standards and benchmarks."

The Character Education Partnership
What is under the umbrella of character education? Character educators often ask this question of themselves. It is easy to site character-based literature programs, service learning, or moral reasoning as clear examples. But, does character education also include social and emotional learning, violence and drug and alcohol abuse prevention, leadership training, and diversity training? The list goes on. This column will explore the connection of these varied educational approaches to character education, recognizing that they all share a common goal: the development of responsible, compassionate young people. "Under the Umbrella" will be a regular feature of the Character Educator

The Collaborative to Advance Social and Emotional Learning  (CASEL)
The Collaborative to Advance Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is a collaborative of educators, scientists, human service providers, policy makers, and concerned citizens who are working together to promote social and emotional learning (SEL) as an integral part of education in schools throughout the world.  CASEL seeks to provide a forum that fosters the exchange of educational ideas and practices that support the development of knowledgeable, responsible, and caring students.

The Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations
The mission of the consortium is to aid the advancement of research and practice related to emotional intelligence in organizations. The Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations is currently made up of eight regular members and about 10 associate members who are individuals with a strong record of accomplishment as applied researchers in the field.

Creatology: Brain Science for the 21st Century
Caroline L. Davies Consultant and Teacher in Gifted Education, (Launceston, Tasmania) discusses a range of learning issues that relate to current knowledge in neuro-science.

Howard Gardner
A biographical sketch.

I think..therefore... M.I.
A collection of MI links and resources.

Learning styles Links
A great collection of links on learning styles and MI

Mrs Young's Page on Multiple Intelligences
A great collection of MI links.

Multiple Intelligence
A range of activities (WebQuests) using the WWW and incorporating MI theory.

Multiple Intelligence in Practice
An article by Mr. Don Rickett, Greenfield-Central High School

Multiple Intelligence in the Classroom
This is a project done during the Fall 1997 Seminar, Commercialization of the Internet, under the direction of Dr. Henry Ingle.

Multiple Intelligence Key
A table that highlights the key functions of the various inteliigences.

Multiple Intelligence Theory
A slide show.

Multiple Intelligence Theory
A collection of material from the Simcoe County District School Board

Multiple Intelligences!
The work of two Grade 7 students.

Multiple Intelligences Exploration Page
The purpose of this page is to provide hyperlinks to other WWW resources for Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences as described in his book, Multiple Intelligences (1993).

Multiple Intelligences: A Theory for Everyone
Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences makes people think about "IQ," about being "smart." The theory is changing the way some teachers teach. Included: Gardner has now identified an eighth intelligence!

Resources in Teaching:  Multiple Intelligences
A collection of useful information and resources regarding utilising MI theory in teaching.

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI)
Just as it says - although the site is still in development it shows great promise.

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI)
Different from the page above - offers information about all 7 original intelligences identified by Howard Gardner and offers commentary on Binet's model of intelligence.

Toolroom Resources - Multiple Intelligences
Developed by: Theory of Multiple Intelligences was developed by Dr. Howard Gardner, co-director of Project Zero and professor of education at Harvard University. (He has contributed an article to Creating the Future, a book located in the Building's Foundation.)

"Virtual Multiple Intelligence": How Humanities Teachers Can Use the Internet,  and Add Visual, Musical & Interpersonal Intelligences to their Verbal Domain
From John Kendall, an elementary school teacher in the US.