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Because You Love Me

While I am Still Here

Let It Be


Wings Of Love

The Search Is Over

Because Of You

A Chance With You

Forever In You Embrace

Words Can't Love

Still Missing You

Just This Once

A Single Thought

Hi and Welcome to my romantic abode filled with love poems
to tickle and touch your heart. Feel free to stay and browse around.
As many of you may have noticed, it was at one point in time closed
never to be open again. Until one special person encouraged and awakened
I to seek deep within my soul and set free love that was to be forever
locked in. Though this love is forever gone, I'm still grateful I had
the chance to experience it even just once.

To many of you that had signed in, I am outmost grateful for the inspiring comments.
Please come again and to all newcomers, kindly sign in and give me some feedbacks.
I would like to hear from you.

These are all original poetry written by me, kindly not post it anywhere
until you ask for my permission. Thank You.
The images within my site are obtain from the public web.
I do not claim them as mine.

Special thanks to Bruce Judoin aka viper for his
lake applet tutorial 101 and his apt response to my emails. Through his good
will and patience, I was able finally cracked the code:-) after months of
struggle for all my visitors to enjoy.

Take a peek of meeh the person behind the screen.

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