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Old explanations for why i don't have time for things...

(ok, my gripes about it acutally)

point one (i still live way out in the boonies i.e. if you went 60 mph, and blew the 3 stop signs it would still take you 20 mins. to get to the nearest gas station.) assuming you were still alive at that point cuase you didn't get hit from speeding, blowing the stop signs, didn't get pulled over by a cop or just getting hit by another stupid driver :)

point two if i don't work, i don't have any money, if i don't have any money i don't make it to class, and if i don't have money i don't eat.. . good enough? (this means i like work 20-35 hours a week).

point three hey now i gotta have some kind of social life, as small as it is. . .

point four face it, i'm just too damn busy for alotta things
(like perfect grades, in engineering or otherwise)