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Some personal stuff

Ok, this is supposed to be some personal crap about me. Let's see, . . . where to begin. . .

I was born in 1979 in South Korea and adopted into the US when I was 7 months old. Consequently I don't speak my native language at all (which is something I plan to learn eventually), but since I've moved to Oklahoma my English sounds like a cross between an Illinois hick farmer, and your typical rural oakie. But, unless you listen to a person speak for a long period of time, you're usually not going to hear regional accents. I basically grew up in IL and moved out here to Oklahoma to go to college at OU. I used to live way out in the boonies on my parent's 40 acre horse ranch. Right now there's about 7 quarter horses, 2 dogs, and some chickens. I currently maintain my own apartment :)

I'm a senior at OU and I'll graduate someday, I swear. I'm a electrical engineering major. I took a semster or so off to make some money, pay bills, and fix my stupid car. Lately, I've been looking into the biomedical engineering field, and i'll probably end up with that (although I'll have to get a master's for it). I've got half the coursework finished for a psychology minor (it was something I started out to fill a basic gen ed. requirement, and discovered I liked it). Oddly enough, I also have half of the coursework finished for a math minor, so I may get both. I'll get around to acutally declaring at least one of them and finishing it, since it'll probably help if I go biomed engr. It's just a personal interest.

Okay, a basic defination of what I used to do for a living while being a full-time college student:
I stand on my feet feeding people, getting them drunk, and generally burning my hands fairly often. I used to work in the snack bar of a bowling alley for some corporation named AMF. Eventually I'll go back to working customer service for a heating and a/c company.

One of the semi-decent scanned pictures of me (farmer's tan, my black hair tied out of the way, in a dark room and all).
It was taken at my high school graduation party as I was opening up a gift, which ended up being my camera. And since I got the camera, I never have pic's of myself. I end up with pictures from every roadtrip, but I haven't had the time toput them up, so you'll just have to wait to see some other mudders. Cygnii has several of my pictures acutally posted on his site.

It's part of one of the rather crappy pictures I sent to Cygnii on alter or Cygnus on Banished Lands, the sister mud to alter. Considering the fact that the people who were taking pictures (acutally most of the people there, period) were pretty plastered, it's amazing the pictures turned out as well as they did :P

Okay, as for what I acutally look like (for all those people that connect with some goofy browser that doesn't show images well, or something like that). I'm exactly five feet tall.
Short, isn't it? :P I weigh roughly 125 lbs, and have waist length straight black hair, unless I do something drastic like I did 2 years ago and cut at least a foot of it off.

I still read for fun fairly often, I rarely watch tv, I listen to music a LOT (pink floyd being a major contributor, currently), I tend towards surrealistic art (Salvador Dali, for example), and when I get the chance I go "goth" and go clubbing at THE chruch in Dallas when I'm down there.

For those of you that are geeks, Here's my geek code

GE/S/SS d-- s--: a-- C++ P+ L+>++ W++ w PS(+++) PE+ Y+ t+() 5 X++@ tv b++(++++) DI++ G+ e>++ h+(*) r% x+

A quick way to read that would be to use the decoder.

Anyway that's all I have to say about myself for now.