Pinky's homepage
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Pinky's homepage

You won't believe it there's actually something else here. . . that is assuming anyone else out there even follows this page at all. . .
but I doubt it as I never have time to do anything here
the following number of ppl have acutally looked at this thing as of last reset on 07/09/00
if you're really wondering when I actually work on this thing, it would be in between class on campus, between semsters, or at other goofy times such as right after work,
like the last time I worked on it. it was only about 2:55 a.m. :P
At any rate that's my explanation for why this page seems a little disjointed
And I don't work on this very often

in reference to where I spend a lot of my free time and many other things. . . it's from playing a MUD which is basically something like an RPG or D&D over the net, (if you don't understand that, then go look it up, you have the net at your fingertips :P Or you can go to Alter Aeon's webpage. You can even see who's online now, with a bunch of other stuff you can look up. Including telnet clients if you need one.

Or you can go to Zuggsoft, who makes Zmud.

btw (that's by the way for all you people who don't understand that) I promise this page will eventually look worthy of a visual computer artist/engineer major type person (@ the moment anyway, I reserve the right to change my mind on my major :P )
(I'll get around to finishing the page eventually, don't worry :P )

as for grammar. . . .well this is my page, I don't have to write formally, I don't feel like it right now, so. . you're stuck :P


This page is/was made possible by:
1. a whole lotta bucks contributed by me and my parents (tution)
2. taxpayer school funding. . . plus ------->
3. and of course some tiny scraps of time to waste along the line. . . :P