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Talk About Psychadelics


Discussing LSD Trips

The whole of an LSD experience is like a man loudly clapping his hands beside a sleeping man's ears to awaken him. It is a rather intrusive, pehaps offensive experience inwhich harsh truths permiate an inexperienced user's consciousness. It is a journey inwhich one's orientation of reality is lost, one's perseption of thruth is wiped clean and one's mind is left open and new. One could consider the LSD experience a sort of spiritual clensing ritual that enables one to look upon life with the understanding of an enlightened one.

Discussing the Philosphy of trips

You know what my biggest problem with substances is? I have the biggest "bad trip" tendencies. Most of my experiences on drugs are experiences that involve some kind of anxiousness, and that anxious feeling of having to continue the trip and not being able to get out can potentially trigger a panic reaction that induces a negative experience. That's what happened on my first 3rd platue DXM trip. Ofcourse most of my psychedelic experiences that are negative also involve some sort of self-doubt induced bad feelings. I think when you trip with someone there is such a major low chance of a bad trip because you totally relate and bond in the mind altering experience. We can groove in harmony to the psychadelic flow :-) But I think that's why psychadelics are more like a test, because of the relitive commoness of bad trips. Now I never really view them as "Bad Trips", just learning experiences or "negative trips". I think that "negative" trips show you your weaknesses. Because LSD is such an intense(and unforgiving) substance you have to be strong to avoid the temptation to let your self fall into despair. Following these journeys through wonderland where you do fall into despair, you may posibly undersand in a more clear, more blunt way what some of your weaknesses are. It shows you what you have to work on to improve you general well being in regular every-day life. When you work your best to change these weaknesses it balances your soul and ensures harmony between your soul and you mind, body, and consiousness, and between your entire self and gaia(the spirit of the earth), and the consiousness of the universe(otherwise known as "Allah", "God", "Yahwey" or "Brahma").