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Nicotine and Tabacco

Tabacco contains the stimulant Nicotine, a severely toxic drug that causes stimulation, jitters and sometimes impaired motor coordination. There is enough nicotine in a cigar to kill several people, were they to eat the cigar instead of smoke it. Most of the nicotine in smoked tabacco is destroyed when burned. There is a severe dependence potential, tolerance developes is hours (as opposed to weeks for Heroin and months for alcohol). Cigarrette tabacco is one of the most addictive drug known today, dependence can be as hard to break as with Heroin or alcohol. Prolonged use of tabacco may result in desease or the heart, lungs and blood vessels. It cause constriction of blood vessels and the lungs. When tabacco came to europe from the new world in the 1500's, governments tried to stamp out it's use by punishing possesion with death, however it proved futile. It is a legal drug, however you must be at least 18 to purchase tabacco or smoking paraphanalia.

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