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Nitrous information (Erowid)
Subject: Here is how to get legal nitrous
From: (Stonerfish)
Date: Mon, Mar 23, 1998 02:58 EST
Message-id: <>

O.K. I know I have donated little to this NG.
Most of what I did donate was worth very little.
Well I guess that may never change, but....
I can tell you where to get nitrous oxide ( N2O )

Aldrich Chemical Co. sells nitrous.

227 grams of nitrous oxide for $119.15
This nitrous is 99% pure. Probably the purist you can get.
This can be used as a "NONFLAMMABLE GAS OXIDIZER"

To order call Aldrich Chemical Co. at 800-558-9160
and ask for catalog number 29,559-0

Or go to there web site and get a catalog.
I think the address is


Dr. Jelly Bean Stonerfish PHD
CEO Jelco Stoneware

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