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Cannabis, the most widely used illegal recreational drug this half of the twentieth century, was legal up until 1937. Cannabis, or marijuana, as well as all cannabinoid extracts (THC is one of about 60 cannabinoids) were criminalized because of a political movement during the age of "Refer Madness." "Refer Madness" is the term used to describe the period of time in America when many journalists were printing hyperbolated lies about marijuana. Marijuana and cannabinoid extracts are now catogorized as schedule I drugs. Cannabis seeds are also illegal unless sterilized.

This immensly useful plant was once widly used industrially, and has many medicinal uses, but is now a schedual 1 drug. Industrial uses include rope, cloth, paper, fuel, bio-plastics, non-toxic paints and varnishes, etc., etc.. Medical uses include treatment of AIDS patients(stimulates apetite & promotes weight gain) and cancer patients(controls nausea). It is also usefull in treatment of anorexia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, depression, glocoma and many others.

The main psycoactive component of marijuana is Delta-9-TetraHydroCannabinol (or THC). Duration of effects ranging from 2-4 hours when smoked, and 4-8 when eaten. Effects include illusions, euphoria, altered perception and over-all feelings of relaxation and well-being. There is no addiction or overdose potential what so ever, but long term use is habit forming, posibly marked with paranoia and low consentration. The following is a discription of the behavioral and psychological effects of marijuana as described in "The Emotional Pharmacy" by Robert A. Morgan:

"First time users may not feel anything at all with low doses, or may experience a mild panic reaction with sensations of paranoia. For most people, it initially produces pleasurable feelings of mild euphoria and well-being --- a type of lightheaded intoxication. Cannabis removes inhibitions, and the user may become excited, talkative, and relaxed. Large doses can result in lethargy and confusion, with interference in many aspects of mental functioning (attention span, short term memory, complex thought). Perception and motor coordination may be seriously effected, making driving or operating machinery hazardous. Large doses can result in intense feelings of paranoia or panic, aggressive or violent behavior (if the user is emotionally disturbed), deppression, and even mild hallucinations and delusions. Confusion and disorientation are common. Sleepiness, increased appetite, occasional dizziness, increased auditory, visual and tactile perception, and relief from anxiety are all frequent effects of cannabis use."

Street Names - Pot, grass, reefer or "reef", mary jane, acapulco gold, rope, loco weed, bhang, ganja, weed, bud, nuggets or "nuggs", kola, trees. A joint or a nail is a marijuana cigarette. A Blunt is a cigar stuffed with marijuana. Hashish and hash oil are stronger THC products, refered to as hash, or hash oil. Different types of weed are commonly called: chronic or "chron", mexican or "mec", afganistan or "gani".

General effects are euphoria, dialated pupils and "red-eye". Increased appitite or "the munchies". Dryness of mouth - "cotton mouth". Illutions and altered perseption.

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