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Cocaine is the strongest of 13 drugs found in the leaf of the coca plant. It was origionally used as a local anesthetic, but was replaced by the semi-synthetic drug novacaine(the effects of which last around two hours, as opposed to ten minutes for cocaine). Cocaine is a stimulant whose effects include wakefullnes and euphoria, and is active intraveniously, orally and when smoked or snorted. The potential for both dependence and overdose exists. Overdose is marked with cunvultions and death. Crack (the freebase form of cocaine) is about as physically addictive as cigarettes, however, because of the euphoric rush one is general prompted to repeate the experience frequently, therefore increasing risk of addiction. Although cocaine is probably relitively safe to use occationally, addiction can make life difficult. Both cocaine and crack are illegal to posses, distribute, etc.

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